Addicted to denim.

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  1. I love handbags, but lately I've developed an addiction for jeans. I want to have a collection of sevens, COH, and Paige denim. Last week I ordered two pair of Blue Cult, this week I orderd a pair Paige and a pair of citizens--not to mention all the ones I bought last month.

    I found a denim forum that is just like this forum and that's making my addiction worst.

    Are any of you addicted to denim. How many have you bought lately and which ones.
  2. I used to be, but that stopped after I acquired about ~25-30 pairs of premium denim. Once you have almost every color under the sun, there is no more to buy. LOL!
  3. Before I joined this forum, I used to be part of a denim forum, which started my addiction. I am finally able to control my jeans addiction.. but now, I'm addicted to purses :P

    I like Miss Sixty jeans the best. For some reasons, they fit me better than Seven jeans.
  4. Thankgoodness I don't. I'll be so broke :lol:
  5. Oh yeah! I'm a SAHM so I live in jeans. Paige Laurel Canyons and Hudsons are my faves right now.
  6. I *love* Paige premium, especially the Laurel Canyons. My favorite pair is the silk patchwork (clean wash), which I enjoy wearing with plain tops or sweaters because I showcase the jeans. :smile:

    I want to get the Rhinestones in After Hourse dark wash. It's so pretty!
  7. Where do they have the paige with rhinestones--I haven't seen them yet.
  8. I'm not sure I think I might have a jeans obsession lying dormant somewhere in me, I'm afraid I'll trigger it suddenly, lol. Couple weeks ago I fought it off in the mall, I had this crazy urge to buy jeans and more jeans O_o Do you like the 'destroyed denim' look A&F, Hollister and American Eagle seem to be profiting off of these days?
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