Addicted to Coach sunglasses!


Nov 14, 2006
Do those of you who have more than one pair of sunglasses switch them out often? I have the Keris in black, and I really want the Lexis in tortoise. But I'm afraid that I won't end up wearing the Keris anymore since I think the Lexis look better on me. And these sunglasses are just too expensive to not wear!
I have two pair in black and one pair in tortoise, and switch them out according to what I'm wearing or which bag I'm carrying. For example, if I'm feeling especially cute and I'm carrying a black bag, then it's the black Daisy...casual cute and black gets the black Sofias....pretty much anything else gets the tortoise Sofias.
I know me too! I just got my first pair and I want a 2nd pair, but I'm afraid that I won't switch out enough. But I guess it can't hurt to have 1 tortoise pair and 1 black pair.
I have two pairs of the exact same style, just in different colors. *L* I have the Patricia's in black and tortoise. I don't really change them out based on anything, just whichever pair is in my purse at the time. Whenever I get tired of the one pair, I'll switch to the other.
I have the Sofia's in black and the Lafayette Aviators in silver. I also have a pair of Chanel's and I wear them all, but might go for a month solid wearing only the same just depends on what kind of mood I'm in I guess.
I have the Peonys in black and the Allies in tortoise, and I switch when I get tired of wearing the other. I just switched back to the Peonys after wearing the Allies for about 2 weeks.

ETA: and I'm hoping to get the Pattis with PCE. I don't have any burgundy sunglasses. :graucho:
Its just not that sunny here for me to get any plus I break and loss sunglasses like crazy. I do like them though. Maybe after I graduate I will get a pair for my summer trip to Italy, Greece and London.
I'm bummed. I tried on a pair of rather large sunglasses today when I was PCE shopping, and they looked pretty good on me. (I didn't get the name though. :sad:) I couldn't afford to buy anything else right now, and even if I did my boyfriend would make fun of me for wearing such large sunglasses. He already thinks my Patricia's are too big, and I don't think they are.

I just looked them up, they were the Sofia's. I remember the ear-pieces (is that what they're called? I'm having a major brain fart right now *L*) where very thin and the glasses were kind of squared a bit.
I now own FIVE pairs of coach sunnies (eep)...they are all in my car...heheh...2 pairs in the arm rest, 2 in the glove box, and one on the seat (AND I have a pair of Chanels in there too)...yes, I have a problem.

not a real rotation schedule...just grab what I feel like.