**addicted to bags**

  1. :yahoo:hello to everyone out there!

    it's great to be around people who's crazy about bags!
    most of my bags are louis vuitton but there's a few of other brands too.
    for now i'll leave you with my latest baby which is the 'SQUICHY' from the louis vuitton winter 06/07 collection. i'll be posting other of my bags soon. have a great day!:heart:

  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. That's pretty!:love: Any chance you can post a picture of you wearing it?
  4. GORGEOUS!!!:love:The leather looks so soft!!! Please post a pic of you holding/wearing it. I would LOVE to get an idea.
  5. Ooooh squichy ! :yes:
  6. that is really pretty! i'm so tempted to get one myself.
  7. Congrats!
  8. i cant see any pic's =(
  9. Nice collection.
  10. LOVE IT!!:drool:
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. nice style and logo ^^ however I don't really like the logo on the outside...but that's just my opinion.
  13. nice bag..is that patent leather?looks yummie:nuts:
  14. i'm so curious to know how that bag feels! It looks like a garbage bag IMO, i doubt it feels like that though LOL
  15. waaaaaaaaaaaaaw ....congrats

    from which boutiqu do you buy it cus i inquire about it in Harrods but they told me that they dont have it :sad: