Addicted to Animal Planet

  1. If my TV is on, it's on Animal Planet. I love critters.

    I'm not alone in this am I?!:heart:
  2. Heavens no!! If you've read any of my recent rants about TV, you know I'm a real TV snob. Animal Planet one of the few networks that I deem worthy to spend my time watching. :greengrin:

    What shows do you like the best? I'm a sucker for any of the Animal Cops shows. My DH can't understand how I can watch them (I'm such a mush about animals). I told him there were two reasons: To see them get the bad guys and to see the animals in a new, loving home. Yes, it's hard to watch the rest of it, but the "happy endings" are worth it.

    Did you see any of the Cell Dogs series? That series pushed me to write a proposal, send it to our state prison system, veterinarians and trainers to get a program started here. It's been a long, bumpy bureaucratic nightmare, but we should be starting up (FINALLY) next month!! :yahoo:
  3. I love Animal Cops!!

    I watched an episode of The Dog Whisperer where Caesar went to prison to help these woman train the dogs they were taking care of. Is that what "Cell Dogs" is Prada Psycho?
  4. I love Animal Planet too. Sometimes I have to sift through what to watch cause some of their facts can be off a little.....
  5. That's it exactly, Danica! I missed that episode of The Dog Whisperer though, drat it all! I wanted to see that one especially since we are so close to getting ours going.

    Here's a link to the ones that are up and running now in NC: New Leash on Life and here is the Pen Pals/Save Our Shelters that it's based on: Save Our Shelters (SOS) - Animal Rescue, Pen Pals - Richmond Virginia

    The James River prison was one of the featured Cell Dog programs when the series was running. I can't WAIT for our program to get going!!! :yahoo:
  6. I am totally into Meerkat Manor. I love Animal Planet. It's a great channel.
  7. Those are fantastic programs!!! It really is giving both the inmates and the animals a second chance, don't you think?
  8. I love Animal Planet as well- I'm a real sucker for animals. My favourite is Austin Stevens! You know, the snake guy. I also like Meerkat Manor- I wish I could have a meerkat as a pet! There was a programme called Living with Wolves about a guy that stayed for ages in the forest with a pack of wolves and the wolves acepted him as part of the pack etc. That was great!
  9. I used to wake up and watch "Barking Mad" while I drank my coffee and read celeb gossip.

    It was so charming and English!
  10. I have never had the courage to watch Animal Cops. Way too sad. :crybaby:

    I like the "Growing Up" series... like where they raise an abandoned grizzly. Also the mini documentaries are fun. I loved the one on wolverines! I think they're adorable... though scary.

    I love animals. I want to smother them all with my suffocating love.
  11. Sometimes I can handle Animal Cops but sometimes it makes me too sad....I like the ones with happy endings!
  12. I love watching Animal Planet too! I love the ones with the cops and the informative ones. Gives me lots of animal trivia.