ADDICTED andoutofcontrol!

  1. I just signed up with TPF about a month or so ago and was a babe to Coach.
    I am hooked.:nuts:

    ...and i just bought this.
    Somebody needs to restrain me.:love:
  2. Oh,girl! Good job! You have great taste! The Carly is awesome! And your charms are all adorable! Congratulations! I'm afraid no one will help you with restraint here though!
  3. if you're looking for restraint, you came to the wrong place!

    your stuff is gorgeous though!
  4. What size Carly is that? Can you model it?
  5. Sorry to tell you this...No help here. I learned the hard way:graucho: Just face it once you find this place it is over. You are TOTALLY addicted. There is no turning back. You will find yourself thinking only about your next purse. Hanging out around here is no better then hanging out with a drug addict the only difference purses are our drugs. Just accept it now and get used to it. And enjoy it. There is no hope!!!
  6. Oh where are my manners.. Congrats on your purchases. Everything is so beautiful.
  7. Wow, nice loot! I have been searching for the nearest Coachaholics anonymous and apparently there isnt one yet so guess you are stuck like the rest of us :biggrin:
  8. awesome stuff! i'm new as well and this place is very good and making you want more and more!
  9. That's a gorgeous Carly. Every time I see it, I want it. You've got some great bags!
  10. Great pieces! I love the Carly with the matching little bag on the side...those sunglasses are sharp, too!

    Coach is VERY HARD to restrain from! Believe me I know! :yes:
  11. LOL@ kallison!


    What's that?:nuts::whistle:
  12. The madness is catching, isn't it. *L* I have to completely agree with what someone else said. It's SO true that once you buy one purse, you're already thinking about the next one you want to get. It's sad. *L* This forum has been very bad for my bank account.
  13. Hee hee! I have the monkey key chain too! I LOVE it! Congrats on all your new stuff!
  14. I love everything in the carly picture!
  15. IM a guy and I know how you girls feel. I used to collect Comics, Toys, Cards etc etc. But once I met my girl I felt complete. So one day while we where out shopping she mentioned that she always wanted a coach purse and I purchased on for her on the spot at the macys in the mall.

    From there its been non stop. Most of the managers in the bay area know me by name and I even had one drop off a purse on christmas eve.

    I think its my addiction and she gts the benifits :roflmfao: