Addict seeking assistance!

  1. *stands up*
    Hi, my name is LisaG and I am an addict!

    I posted a poll before as I was considering the Damier Alma and the Damier Ebene Sayela PM. But, then a few other bags caught my eye.... like the new LVoe2 totes that are making their ways into boutiques.

    Now I am at a loss for what I should get. I was leaning towards a low key Damier print or maybe something that doesn't scream LV as much as my mono or denim bags do. I am moving into an expanded position at work where I will be interacting more with our customer's and I don't think carrying a huge mono LV will set off the proper first impression. I have a hoard of Coach bags that I could turn to but - I just don't want to carry them as much since Louis stole my heart. I live in Oregon so I need a work bag that will be able to occasionally risk stepping into a drizzle. I also would like something that I can put papers in (even folded ones although this certainly isn't a deal breaker).

    My current collection is:
    Mono Speedy 30
    Damier Papillon 30
    Mono Cabas Mezzo
    Fuschia Denim Neo Speedy
    Moka Cuir Onatah GM

    I would like to look at bags that are under the $1K ( since there are other items that I am saving up for :graucho: ). I know the Antigua line falls into this category but I am not sure about the colors. I would like something fairly versatile since I want it to be a grab and go type of bag. All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated as obviously I am at a loss. :shrugs:

    Oh I almost forgot - being able to clip my Pastilles Keychain on would be a plus! :tup:
  2. Ok now you mentioned about work I definatley recommend the Damier Alma, or Epi Alma, understated, classy and tres chic, and no problems if you get caught in the rain!!! xx
  3. LOL! i love the start of this !
    I Think something damier maybe still...
    How about the Knightsbridge or maybe the Saleya? OR Hampstead?
    Yea i think a low key print is the way to go for work.
    Or how about the Epi alma or passy?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions Luva Pug!

    The Epi Alma that currently has my heart is the Ivory one. But, I would go nuts worrying about caring for such a light color. It almost seems like the other colors won't compare. I have seen the Damier Alma out on several occastions and just love the classy look of it. The price point doesn't seem too bad either.

    Anyone have thoughts about the Damier Sac Plat?
  5. Thanks KaiieCHANEL!
    Saleya PM/MM is definitely a contender as the GM didn't fit well on my frame.
    Knightsbridge doesn't really seem my style. It comes across as a more mature bag.
    Hampstead is nice looking but I though it was out of my price point. I need to look at it again.
  6. Here are pics of the Damier Parioli and the Damier Sac Plat?

    What does everyone think?

    :tdown: or :tup:

    So far I am liking:

    Sac Plat
    parioli.jpg damiersacplat.jpg
  7. Pics of Saleya PM and Damier Alma..... :sweatdrop:
    saleyapm.jpg damieralma.jpg
  8. ^ I don't like the first one but the sac plat is very pretty irl and can hold alot! Love the Saleya Luva pug just got one and it's soo pretty
    The almas cute but i guess you kind of would have to go to the Boutique and have a look at them and see what one would suit your needs!
    But atm i like the alma alot looks very nice.
  9. The sac plat is the one of the few I haven't had a chance to play around with IRL. Hubby saw it on TV (the ceries one from Meet the Barkers) one time and went off about how it looked too much like a shopping bag. Which at the time I pretty much agreed with him but after seeing it in the Damier print I fell in love.

    I love the look of the Alma but a long time ago when bag handling it at the boutique I noticed that the zipper seems a little stiff and it made it difficult to get in and out of the bag.

    I am SO torn! I seem to find something about each bag that I am not entirely in love with.
  10. Btw. the Sac Plat and Parioli I would definitely consider the Parioli. To me, the Sac Plat looks a tad too dated. The Parioli is so pretty. I would also keep the epi bags in consideration!!
  11. The Sac Plat is a great bag.
  12. I vote for the perioli for Damier pattern or a Epi bag for work b/c of its versatility....I think the Epi is so classy and pretty for work and its totally low key.....ughhh, now I want a Epi bag.....
  13. I have a Sac Plat and I love it! It is an awesome bag that many people overlook, I think it is a great choice. I think one thing that many people don't like, so it is something to consider is that it obviously is not a shoulder bag. For me this was not a problem, but I just thought I would mention it. Honestly though, I carry a lot in my Sac Plat and it is a durable and classic LV bag.
  14. When you mentioned carrying documents I immediately thought of the sac plat. However, it would be akward for me personally to carry, but it's what is good for you. I still like the saleya though! I have a damier speedy (but I notice you have other speedies) and I just carry that bag around so much. As you know already, it is so versatile. I think the coated canvas is a good choice for the weather as I am in a midwestern state that gets drizzles on occasion too and the material holds up to it.
  15. I think the sac plat in Damier would be a great choice. It is a beautiful but professional looking bag.