added the rebecca minkoff nikki into the mix!

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  1. so, i've been sitting with the mam in evergreen and the matinee in midnight/pewter and feel like there are pros and cons to both...i love the pockets on the matinee and the leather is amazing, but, it is really HEAVY when all my stuff is in it...i really like mam a lot especially the evergreen color, but, something's "missing" and i'm not sure ordered the nikki today in evergreen...i love hobos/shoulderbags so maybe what's "missing" is the shoulderstrap that i need...being a teacher and schlepping around a 35lb. book bag and a cup of coffee and etc....i think maybe a shoulderbag is the, by tomorrow i'll have all 3 bags and will be making a final decision...thanks for putting up with me!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. I hear you! Sounds like the Nikki would be amazing.

    I gotta ask....have you checked out BE bags??? (Belen Echandia)

    That's all I'm gonna say!
  3. contessa! like i don't have ENOUGH problems deciding!!!!! i actually have checked out BE bags and they're amazing...after i decide about this bag, i think my next one might just have to be a BE...(you enabler you!)
  4. LOL!!! Go with what you love.....honestly, I did a LOT of comparing between the bags I was considering...I had like 10 windows open on my PC!!!

    And believe it or not, some of the bags I was "considering", I'm glad I didn't buy.....esp after seeing BE!!!!
  5. I think I just have to see all 3 on you...? You know, sometimes as much as we want to love a particular bag, it's not true love (despite what others here might say) - so it's possible that your true bag love is still out there?
  6. I have the MAM and love it, but I can in some ways see how you would say "something is missing". It is classic.....not too much detail, that is what I love about it.
    I most recently purchased myself a blue Nikki (the steel-grey-blue with silver HW) and bought the green for Mom. BOth of us are ecstatic. I will tell you that sometimes I pack that thing too much, but it is always comfortable on my shoulder. IT is slouchy, classic, comfortable and is a workhorse....more importantly, I think it is stunning! And I have to say...I think the green is exceptional!
    I love RM and am considering that hot white/rose gold matinee for spring, summer......but I know I will use my Nikki more often!
  7. songofthesea, I want pics when you get them! And good luck with making the final decision! :biggrin:
  8. The Nikki is great. I used to be all about the mini Nikki, but yesterday I tried on the normal Nikki and it's not as huge as I would have thought. Now I'm looking for one in glazed espresso!
  9. Nikki sounds like a great bag for you! Post pics when you receive it : )