Added 50% Off Sale at NM

  1. They're going fast! The Burberry bootie was gone by the time I clicked add it to cart.
  2. I noticed some things went up in price. With the 50%off brings it back to what it was.
  3. You know, I wondered about that! I thought some of the prices were higher than what they were. Pretty sneaky if you ask me!:yucky:
  4. Yeah, NM & BG do that. We had a thread on that the last time they had a sale. You can trust the prices at Saks more.
  5. I thought it was illegal to raise the price then offer a discount... hmm...
  6. The website is soooo slow
  7. They definitely have more stuff. I had been looking for a pair of shoes for a couple of weeks and just got the size and color I had been looking for. Plus, the spring8 worked for free shipping.
  8. I went on early this morning before I got the email announcement and to my surprise there was an extra 50% off. I could have gone crazy but I had restraint. All the bags are gone now. I did get Tory Reva flats in clear, Burberry lurex check scarf in black and Ugg loafers in ship...all for $195.00. I am pretty happy right about now.
  9. Congrats, Kalodie1 !!! You did great! I'm happy for you! :woohoo:
  10. i know in Canada it is. Suzy Shier, a mall chain store got slapped with a huge fine for doing that years ago. i should think it is in the states, too. that's such shady business dealings...ESPECIALLY for such large companies!
  11. This is the consolidation sale everyone is talking about in another thread. The prices are marked up way higher than they are in stores, and even with 50% off (you can only take 30% off in store), it ends up being slightly more expensive. However, if you don't have access to one of the NM doing the conslidation sale, this is the next best thing!
  12. the prices are actually higher than the additional 40% sale they had recently. the sale bites.
  13. yeah, and the stuff that had magically reappeared when the 40% sale ended are - surprise, surprise - off the site again.
  14. that's just bad business! what? do they think we don't talk to one another or notice price changes? that's just shifty!