Add your dog's pic to the Pedigree Million Dog Mosaic...

  1. Add your dog's pic to the Pedigree Million Dog Mosaic and help shelter dogs.

    For every dog photo that is uploaded to the Million Dog Mosaic, Pedigree will donate $1 to the Adoption Drive.

  2. What a wonderful idea! I just uploaded 3 dogs and will send this link on to everyone I know!! Thanks soooo much!! :love:
  3. i did too :tup:great idea
  4. added all 3!! im telling everyone about this!
  5. I added both of my dogs a few weeks ago. It takes a few days, but I finally looked them up. It's wicked cute and I like that they donate $1.00 for every dog submitted.
  6. I added 3 too!!
  7. Thanks for posting this! I added my two dogs and will send on this link to my friends.

    I was laughing when I had to pick toy breed (under 7 pounds). I had chosen the "small" category at first as my dogs are 10 pound chihuahaus (yes overweight.....) and could not find the right breed under that category. LOL~!
  8. I tried to find Miki under "small" but her breed (Min Pin) wasn't listed. Turns out she's in the toy--7lb and under--category.... Let me tell you, she is well above 7lbs. :lol:
  9. added my westies :smile:
  10. Great idea!! I just added my baby!
    I love searching through the mosaic and reading information about the dogs, too cute.:heart:
  11. added both boomer and lily then emailed a bunch of friends! how cool.
  12. Just added my two and about to send this to friends as well.

    You knwo what's weird? My dogs are fed Pedigree and they've both reached an age older than most dogs their sizes, with no belly problems. However, they've both had weird problems (Tippett-Spike you know about, Lady had Diabetes Insipidus) that had nothing to do with food! It's been a good diet for them.

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I had the same problem with my pekingese!! she's NOT under 7 lbs!!
  14. I just added my dog, this is so cute! Thanks for sharing!
  15. This is so freaking COOL!! All my dogs have been shelter dogs, so I HAD to put all (that I had pics handy of) into the mosaic.

    Say, who else here bawls their eyes out every time the Pedigree shelter dogs commercials come on? Shoot, I'm puddling up now thinking about it. :cry: