Add Teri Hatcher to the heaping Anorexic Actress list

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  1. I'm sure, like Cristina said its been photoshopped. Its relatively easy to do, especially with that background. People always want to exaggerate things. I'm sure she's super skinny, and maybe it isn't, but that's rediculous.
  2. I do hope this pictured has been altered. She doesn't look good.
  3. When she was on Lois and Clark she got disgustingly thin as well.
    She is a naturally thin, but healthy looking woman (see the movie "SoapDish") who diets to an unattractive thinness for TV.
  4. Eeeewwwww!
  5. wow that is just tooooooooooo skinnnnnnnnnnnny
  6. Ugh....this trend's getting scary!
  7. I just showed this picture to my husband and he is in shock,.... I guess she's not the love of his life anymore,.. why is she jogging anyway,.... hopefully she's running to the nearest McD's,... She should have been the girl in "supper-size-me"
  8. This is an older pic... I remember it from a few months ago. But she has battled with eating disorders, and this is not good- whether it be photo-chopped or not. The trend is REALLY scary and sad
  9. It's really scary! Ugh..
  10. That's a scary picture of her. Not attractive at all :/
  11. One odd couples.

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  12. I swear Nicole's going to disappear...she better eat something, i heard she went from 95 to 80 something pounds, if a hurricane came by with strong winds she'd be gone
  13. Teri Hatcher has always had thin legs. If u refer back to her older pictures she has skinny legs. I wouldnt be suprised if the photo was played with a little.
  14. It's a good thing she has implants, otherwise a woman that thin wouldn't have a bosom at all.
  15. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
Thread Status:
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