Add rubber to soles?

  1. I read on a fashion website that people sometimes add rubber to leather soles so that they last longer and are more cushioned on the pavement. Does anyone do this? Pros? Cons? I have some gorgous new shoes - crocodile! - and I was thinking of doing this so that they'd last longer. I live in the city, so I walk a bit, but I usually prefer to wear my nice shoes to work, I just can't get into wearing sneakers with a suit.

    Also, anyone have a favorite type of padding/insole? I've been using footpetals and it really seems to help with some of my higher heels.
  2. I've done this to several pairs of my leather soled shoes as it helps preserve the shoes, and leather soles can get very slick in the rain.
  3. I do this to all of my more expensive, hard soled shoes. They are called Topees or something to that effect. They also come in a few different colors to match the original sole. They add cushion and also prolong the life of the shoe. If you look at how thin the soles on most expensive shoes are (Manolo, Marc Jacobs etc), these will increase your wearing time significantly. A while back, I had Coach mules that I didn't add these to and after 3 wearings involving a lot of walking, they were almost shot. Since I added the soles, it prevented me from having to discard them right away.
  4. i did this to a pair of boots and it doubled the life of the boots. i was ready to toss em til i got it done.
  5. where do you get this done ?
  6. I use all kinds of orthotics... LOL :king: I do put rubber soles on all my leather soles for that exact reason.. plus rubber soles are easier on your feet.

    Dr. Scholl open toed insoles are the bomb..... I also use insoles just for the ball of the foot or the heel of the foot.. depending on how the shoe fits.

    I don't think that there's any con to it at all. I'm all for it.

  7. The cobbler should be able to do this for you.
  8. I supposed search for some shoe repair shops nearby? Luckily for me, theres a small shoe repair shop about 5 minutes from my parents house. I'm not sure how common this is in other cities.
  9. never ever ! it ruins the shoe and is totally against that what leather soles are for :cry:
  10. i did this to my new louboutins a few weeks back. theyu are much more comfortable and i don't feel like i'm killing my shoes everytime i step on rough concrete. i'm planning to do the same for my marc jacobs ballet flats too since they are so cute and i want to wear them for more than a year (which is how long shoes last if they have leather shoes and if i like them a lot). i find that leather soles wear out a lot quicker. although the rubber does ruin the red sole look, you can still see it from the sides at certain parts of the heel since its only attached to the bits that come into contact with the floor.

    lilach: how does it ruin the shoe? and what do you mean by it's against what leather soles are for?
  11. Could you show us some pictures as to what orthotics you use? e.g. the Dr. Scholl stuffs. I always have problems in the summer for sandals as I it's hard to find summer shoes that support the arch.
  12. actually the huge plus of leather soles is that it allows the air to circulate wich is better for the feet. that is also the reason why made-to meassure men shoes are always handstitched leathersoles ;) furthemore an applied rubber sole destroys the construction of the shoe so that the upper leather wont hold that long. i have been told that by a person at john lobb where my ex-husband used to get his shoes made ;) :flowers:
  13. ^^^ Can anyone confirm this?? I'm trying to decide whether to put the rubber soles on several of my $$$ leather sole shoes
  14. oh and another downside of the rubber is. in case you walked alot in them and the rubber gets kind of perforrated water can get between the rubber and the original leather sole say voila to mold :sick:
  15. If you want to put rubber soles on your leather sole shoes, it's best to let the original leather sole wear out a little bit before you do so. I once had a cobbler (who deals mainly with high-end designer shoes) explain to me why but of course I forgot. Anyways, I do recommend it especially if you walk a lot -- I do it for all my shoes after the original leather soles have worn out a bit. I'm not too sure about the comfort aspect, but they are definately less slippery, and they DO prolong the life of your gorgeous shoes ( I never had a problem with mold either).