Add one to my bag count when Fedex comes on Tuesday!

  1. Ladies, thanks to a poster in the inventory thread, I called "the store that has nothing" trying to nab one of the items listed in the post, to no avail. I talked to a really nice SA who took my name and called me last week with something very close, but I am at the point that unless it is my elusive vert bronze:heart:, I don't want to settle for anything other than what want exactly, in color, leather(excuse me, I mean skin), and size. Well, today, he called with the bag! I have absolutely NO business buying this bag after what happened to us in market last week,
  2. Oooh...can't wait for pics. Is this from SCP perhaps?
  3. :yahoo: So excited for you!!!
  4. Can't wait to see it!
  5. you mean verte bronze? :nuts: i adore that color!
  6. Congrats whatever it is !
    Be sure to show all of us!
  7. Jesus......the-store-that-has-nothing is beginning to have SOMETHING.

    .....only nothing for S'Mom, that's for sure........Cooties seem to have RETURNED!!!!!
  8. Wow! Vert Bronze?!

    S'Mom, don't you fret. :heart:
  9. YAY! How exciting!!!
  10. Can't wait! :popcorn:
  11. me neither :nuts: I'm very excited for you !!!
  12. Oh, I WISH it was vert bronze! No, it's another bag, another color. I was hoping to find one when I was back east last month, but nooooo. My SA's have been on the lookout for this one. One called earlier this week with something close to this color (not the vert bronze), but I didn't want to settle for another color on this bag, so I passed on that one. I would never pass on vert bronze--I would compromise size and consider several bags to get that color!
  13. Woohoo! Let the FedEx delivery countdown begin :graucho:
  14. I am waiting....
  15. I can't wait to see it too!