Add mine to the list of falling apart Floral Sophias

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  1. Well, after mfitzsimmons87 said hers was falling apart, I went and did what I thought was a thorough inspection before I took the tags off. Everything appeared fine so I laid her back in the box. That was two nights ago. I picked her up this morning and was finally going to take the plunge when I noticed that the handle is coming unglued the same way that hers was. This is UNREAL! I'm so pissed. I'm not going to bother ordering another one because clearly they are all junk. Especially since Alma had problems with hers too....I was still trying to kid myself that both ladies had just had bad luck, but this isn't looking good. I can't believe that in all the time it took Coach to get this released they couldn't get the product right before shipping it out.
  2. All I can say is WOW. That is un-freaking-believable. I'm shocked that this is happening to you ladies. Sheesh. Pack her up and get something that won't fall apart. Or save your money for now!!
  3. This is unbelievable. So sorry to hear this....
  4. Seriously, I waited MONTHS for this bag (as did the other ladies) and so badly wanted it to be my "It" bag for this Fall/Winter. For a second I just sat there staring at her thinking "Maybe I could just glue it myself?" Then I snapped back to reality. You shouldn't have to glue an $800 bag yourself.
  5. That's so sad to hear ... considering the floral Sophias is one of the prettiest bags in the Fall lineup! I really wish that the QC was up to par on those bags because that bag could have been one of Coach's great classic pieces.
  6. This is really sad to hear :sad:
  7. NO YOU SHOULD NOT!!!!!!!!! NEVER!! And besides, did you see all the flaws on mfitzsimmons87's? Sadly I'm sure this won't be the only thing that comes unglued. Better to do it now.
  8. I did see it. Part of me wants to run right up there and return it now and part of me can't bear to say goodbye yet - like I need a few days to get used to the idea. Is that just nuts or what? Sometimes I think I need my head examined. :P
  9. So Sorry to hear it happened to you too...just take it back and get something else...
  10. I wish I was there - I'd march you and that purse right back to the Coach store today. :P
  11. This makes me ill. Unbelievable. If coach wants to price their bags in the higher bracket then they need to make them just as well as other bags in the same price bracket...

  12. Add my floral sophia to the list:sad: Like you..... I can't bear to part with her, but the more I read of flaws - the easier it's getting. Really sloppy workmanship,more so when I look at it in the sunlight. Lots of glue all over - and i just took the foam off of the hardware - glue, pitted, and scratched. Mine came from JAX - and still wrapped, so I know it wasn't a return.

    Thanks all, for convincing me not to reorder an $800 bag.
  13. UGH! That really ticks me off. Coach really doesnt care about the bags they are making anymore! It's one thing for 1 bag to have a problem but bag after bag and from a number of different lines ?!

  14. LOL! What would happen if we all just marched up in there in one big bunch? :graucho:
  15. I am so sorry about your bag :sad: (and to all of you other ladies too)! That is completely unacceptable that a bag that costs $800 is put together so poorly!!! I do not understand how that can happen. Have they completely left out any type of QC? It is so sad because there was so much anticipation about this one-even Oprah talked about it!! It seriously makes me rethink how much money I spend on their product. I hope you can find something else that makes you just as happy, whether it's Coach or not.