Add me.....

  1. to the chocolate brown Carly crew!!

    I had an exam this morning and I completed it in record time so I could hit up Coach before coming to work. I went in with my mind set on getting the medium, but left with the large Carly, a khaki ponytail scarf to coordinate with it, and the sneaker keyfob. I'll post pics when I get home tonight, but I was too excited to wait!!:yahoo:

    Oh yeah, wasn't all that impressed with the new stuff in the store now, so I do think I'm done for a while....unless I find a great deal on a camel/natural color bag.:graucho:
  2. The Carly has to be my favorite bag. I can't wait to see the chocolate IRL. Can't wait for your pics!
  3. Congrats! I hope to be joining you in that group soon:drool:
  4. Me too! Me too! I got the choco medium! :yahoo:
  5. welcome to the chocolate cult!! hehe
  6. Hooray spoiled! Welcome to the club!:tup:
  7. Thanks ladies!! I can't wait to get home so I can pull her out and just look at her.....:drool: 8:00 CST can't come fast enough....
  8. can't wait to see pics!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Woohoo!! What fun!! I can't wait to see pics!!
  11. Congrats! I'm still thinking about it.
  12. congrats!! i just got the medium khaki and I love her!! :heart:
  13. welcome to the chocolate club!
  14. Just bought my choco Carly this week also. What wallet, if any, did you gals buy to match it -- or not match it? Can't wait until fall when it will make sense to wear a deep choco brown.

    BTW: it goes great w/ my holiday patchwork sneakers from last winter (I just got them at Rack) When will I make the big debut???

  15. It was another thread last week about matching/coordinating wallets, and I was reading through it to get some ideas....still haven't decided though. One option I thought about was just getting a bright red leather wallet (not necessarily Coach) that'll really pop against the brown.....or I may just wait and see if anything else comes out that'll go with it.