ADD Dog (when it comes to peeing)

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  1. I am so annoyed right now. My dog has severe ADD when it comes to peeing or going #2 both on the leash and off. If he sees another dog, he stops. If he hears a car, he stops. If a leaf is blowing, he stop sniffing around.
    My dog and I spend our time between my apartment and some days stay at my parents house. When we're at my parents he has a back yard and goes for a very long walk in the park. For the past month, we've stayed in a house on the weekends that has a back yard. My dog would pee multiple times a day. Now, we're at our apartment and there are SKUNKS everywhere and he is playing around. Pulls me towards random bushes and into the darkness where we're sure to get sprayed. I kept moving him towards this area with a street light and he would not pee. I have been out for about 30 minutes trying to get him to pee and he WILL NOT. Last time he went was about 6 PM and I always try to get him to go before bed.
    I'm just so frustrated because I do not want either of us to get sprayed and don't understand why he has to have such major ADD around here.
    Two weeks ago, a skunk actually ran out of a bush and chased us. We did not get sprayed but it could very well happen. I don't want him to develop kidney problems from holding it so long.
  2. I'm sorry, I have no advice...I just wanted to tell you how cute our little ADD dog is!
  3. Im so sorry I cant help, my dog does the exact samee thing!! if hes outside and I so much as move he looks at me and jumps me and doesnt pee! and if i leave him out there he sits and stares and everything distracts him! even to the point where hes peeing and he would see me and he'd walk towards me while peeing! I know how you feel its so frustrating ='( what can we do though they are so cute.
  4. It sounds like you are letting your dog walk you, when you should be walking him. Don't let him stop to sniff everything in sight. Just keep walking. When he starts to pee or poop, then stop to let him do his business. You will need to keep walking him until he goes though. So that may mean longer walks until he figures it all out.

    Keep the slack on the leash tighter, so that he isn't able to get too far away from you (this will force him to focus on what you want him to do).
    Also depending on the kind of dog you have, you may need to spend more time walking him.

    You may want to try a different leash like a gentle leader or a harness to give you more control. I think Cesar Milan has even designed a new leash. If you have one of the retracti-leashes, I would get rid of it. From a dog training point of view, they are terrible. They also aren't very good when it comes to protecting your dog if you should encounter another less friendly or unleashed dog (or skunks!!!).

    It sounds like you need to re-teach your dog how to walk on a leash. Again, depending on the breed, it may take a while. Good luck, you can do it!
  5. I agree with the above need to be in control of what he is doing, not the other way around. I'm currently working on this with my 1-year old Maltese as well. He goes outside and on wee-wee pads, and I have to freeze in position when he decides to go- any little movement and he gets completely distracted. Or, he'll spin in circles 10-15 times, then hear a noise, run away, and have an accident. But, I'm confident they can re-learn with the right training and love!
  6. I have been trying to stick to a better schedule when walking him and that seems to help. I was walking him at around 10 or 10:30 but everything felt kind of rushed and maybe he sensed that and wouldn't pee. Now, I walk him at around 9:15 or 9:30 and he has peed the past few nights. When we're at my apt I take him: between 8-9 (sometimes before 8) for a very long walk...then again around 1 or 2, then again around 5:30-6 and last around 9:15-9:30 now.
    At my parents house obviously he goes out a lot more but not for as many long walks just more trips to the back yard (and sometimes he just lays there). Thanks for the advice everyone!