add $200 and get Bloomsbury? or keep Damier Speedy 30... Moms, help please!! :)

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  1. i have a new obsession and i need to make up my mind TONIGHT! so i'm writing for a little help, please!!

    i returend my mono emily wallet and got Damier speedy 30 few days ago. i don't know why, but i had extra 150 that i had to spend (from exchaning v-day gift from my hubby and crazy...but i HAD TO spend it in order for them to do the exchange since it was ordered via LV website and i went back to my boutique! LOL) and that was the bag i came home with. i already have roses speedy, multi and cherry....but out of all that, i only use roses speedy. i really want Trevi pm but my DH won't let me get it right now since he is getting it for me for our 10yr anniversary in June (he just broke the news tonight! yay) i have to wait for it. this is the only bag he is actually buying it for me (everything else, i pick and buy and tell him later kind...haha). so i really don't need to settle with damier speedy right now.... i wasn't too crazy about it at first, but i had little bit of gift card left to use it also and added 45 bucks, the bag is in my posession!! but it looks pretty more i look at it, specially with my pomme heart coin purse..... i'm feeling damier right now. :biggrin:

    but i've been thinking, i need "go to park" kinda bag. i have mono sarmur that i wear to take it to the zoo or wherever but it's pretty bulky and more i use it, i don't like it anymore. i've had it for over 3yrs or so. i hardly ever use it and last few times that i used it, i didn't like it at all!! i have damier musette tango. i used to be in LOVE with this bag and i wore it all the time....before i had kids. and before i had huge MAMA sarah wallet packed with all sorts of coupons and store cards &emergency baby wipes and digi camera.....but that bag is way too small.

    so i'm thinking, i can add another 200 bucks and get bloomsbury and take it to the park, chuck e cheese....or once a year disney trip...

    i'm a business owner and i work alot, at times i feel that i don't spend enough time with my kids taking them to places but i'm hoping that would change once my little man is little older and don't run away from me (and don't have to strap him down in the stroller..LOL) - so i need a little input from experienced mommies..

    is Damier Bloomsbury pm a great bag for you guys?!!

    more i look at my bags, i have enough handheld bags. tomorrow is my day off and i'm packing my lunch and kids, and MAYBE do the last exchange from damier speedy 30 to bloomsbury....what do you think?! thank you for your help!

    but i'm pretty exhausted tonight, i'm going to bed soon.... :smile:
  2. That's so funny, I have the Bloomsbury PM and carried it for a week last week when we had all the snow and crappy weather here in the Dallas area. It was the best bag and perfect for everything I needed to carry. I had and just literally recently sold the Damier Speedy 30. I bought it in June last year but hardly carried it, I think I was enabled on this site, go figure. Anyway, the Bloomsbury would be great for everything you just stated. It's big enough to carry a pair of sunnies, small makeup bag, 4 key holder (I stick mine in the front pouch pocket) cell phone, large pomme cles and then some. Plus, it's hands free so you don't have to worry. You should definitely try it.
  3. I agree AAdams, I too have the Bloomsbury PM and I love it. It's light weight, hands-free and holds everything you need for evening, travel, the park, kids, errands, etc. Give it a try!
  4. ^^^ haha, thank you Annette! i was gonna PM you and ask you since i saw you at the clubhouse! ;)

    that's the thing....i love the look of Damier speedy 30 but i don't know i'll use it as much as i do with my other mono bags....

    but you're definitely enabling me!!

    ahhhhhh, i'm so obsessed!!
  5. aww, thank you! ok, i think i'm going tomorrow... haha

    yeah, that's what i wanted to hear from Bloomsbury lovers... telling me to get it!! LOL

    this is an evil place...yet so helpful and wonderful... :biggrin:
  6. i would get the bloomsbury since you already have speedies!
  7. yeah, thank you...that's what i keep telling myself!! lol

    i like using speedies for work, it's easy to get out of car when i'm in a hurry (haha) just grab and go... or on the date night with my hubby (once in two or three month...HAHAHA) but when i go grocery or something with kids, they are the worst bag! LOL

    so ok... bloomsbury....

    but tiny little voice in my head is still talking to me "keep the damier speedy....OR get odeon or get new wallet..."

    i'm a mess! LOL
  8. Get Bloomsbury!! Something different is always nice.
  9. ^^^ i know, i know!! :biggrin: see, now that's what i wanna hear! LOL
    thank you!

    i stole this from the clubhouse.... such a cute bag! but of course on a cute model...hmmmm lol
  10. It sounds like you want the bloomsbury, so I recommend an exchange. Get what you want!
  11. That's what I ended up doing, going for my other speedy's, Roses, graffiti ( I like to be different) more than the Damier. At least go try the Bloomsbury on can't hurt and the Damier Speedy certainly isn't going anywhere if you exchange it then change your mind, yet again:nuts:
  12. get the bloomsbury
  13. Go for the Bloomsbury. It's a great bag for moms who require 2 free hands especially for days in the park or playground. The ebene is so easy to clean.
  14. hahahaha, i would love to get everything i want, then i have to sell both of my kids to do that! LOL (i'm just kidding.....maybe. ;)

    i've been checking out the bloomsbury for a while now but that wasn't something i needed right away.... my last bag was mono irene last june and i actually went this long without buying any bag!! my next bag was gonna be Trevi pm and i've been sending the wish list through lv site to my hubby saying maybe in my life time, i would LOVE to get a bag as a gift like those lucky ladies here on

    so i've been harrashing my poor SA and she went, why don't you just get the bag i want?! i'm so ready for it, but noooooooooo, i have to wait until June... it's ok, i'm lucky enough to be able to get it then.

    but since i have a new bag (very unexpectedly!) i can only exchange tiny upgrade won't hurt anybody.... heehee

    thank you haven!! :biggrin:
  15. i'm terrible at this, i change my mind all the time...! my poor SAs, still put up with my crap... haha

    i'm thinking, i'm gonna exchange it and wear it home, so there is no turning back....yet again! LOL

    thanks annette! :smile:

    and i still LOOOOOOOOVE my Rose speedy!