1. Hi girls:flowers:

    I'm new to this forum, but I've been reading a lot about the different handbags (especially the Paddington:love: ), and I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who's absolutely nuts about bags:shame:

    I've been eyeballing this bag for a looong time now, and when it hits the stores I think I'm gonna buy it:drool:

    I can't post a pic, but it's the big, brown handbag on the frontpage...ADAX - Obsessed by creation

    So what do you guys think?

  2. I love it!!!! Is there hardware on the strap? I love big bags and I think it is gorgeous. I never heard of the brand is it new?
  3. :shame: Yeah, it's lovely isn't it?!

    Yep, there's hardware on the straps. I'm also a huge fan of big bags, and this one looks really, really delicious:love:

    I think Adax is a danish leather company (or at least, scandinavian)...they've exsisted for a long time now, but I don't know if you're able to buy their bags anywhere else in the world:shrugs:
  4. Hi Leatherrette, welcome to the tPF.
    The first time I saw or heard about Adax was is Denmark, so I guess it's a danish company ?!
    Anyways I love the quality of their bags, the understated yet fashionable look and the feel of their leather.....
    First I thought they were for older women but they have put quite a trendy collection lately.
    When i bought my first Adax bag, 4 years ago (already?) my colleague told me "you're gonna love it for the years to come, the older it gets and the better the leather feels" and she was right !
    It s a very classic little black bag, but I even got compliments from a woman from security airport in New York JFK who sees like thousands of bags each day.......and funny she was so focused on doing her security job but still said "nice bag !"
    So GO GET IT, that brown bag is gorgeous and very "now".
  5. Its a very pretty bag!
  6. Oh and to add that's their prices are very affordable !!
  7. Thanks guys:shame: As mentioned, it's a very delicious brand, and yeah, their prices are I think I'm gonna buy that extremely yummy bag:drool:

    I just love leather(bags):sweatdrop:
  8. Hey guys I'm totally new to this website but I saw you guys were talking about adax! my parents used to own a handbag store and I've been left with a few of their end of line bags etc. I have a gorgeous black adax bag with but it's just not my style and was thinking of putting it up on ebay. I have no idea how much to sell it for or anything so was wondering if you could give me and tips? it would be much appreciated :smile:
  9. Welcome to the forum!

    This is not a very popular brand. You may do an eBay search and find some similar brands and style for price reference.