ADASA First Time Shopper 20% Coupon


    Unaware that Adasa offered a discount to first time shoppers, I emailed them to inquire about the prices of some of their handbag brands as compared to other online boutiques. At the same time, I mentioned the 30% Revolve discount for first time shoppers. Today, I received a reply, advising me that Adasa does offer a similar discount for first time shoppers, but it is 20%. For anyone who might be interested, the code is :


    Unlike Revolve, it doesn't apply to sale items.
  2. Thanks :smile:

    they have a few Juicy item's I'm wanting to get!
  3. what is the discount code for first time revolve shoppers?
  4. you have to sign up for the site and you recieve an email after
  5. do you think that they allow for you to compound codes? like 20 on top of 20? because that would be pretty nifty
  6. This link worked for me. Hopefully, it will for you.

    Revolve Clothing 30% off (New Customers ONLY!) follow link provided
  7. I don't think the link works bagachondriac :sad:

    I signed up for revolve clothing but all i got was an email that i was entered for a draw for a $200 shopping spree- screw that - I want a discount now so I can get the Rebecca Minkoff bag hahaha!

  8. Don't know why the link did not work for you..I just tried it again and it worked. They sent me a message including code, explaining the terms. Try it again or call their toll free number listed on their website. :smile: