now 23% off with code

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    23% off ends May 23...

    They carry Botkier Biancas :graucho:
  2. tnx for the code!
  3. Thanks!!! Just bought myself a Bianca....I've been dying for one....and with no shipping, tax AND 23% off, I got myself one good deal!!!!:dothewave:
  4. sale got extended to the 26th of May, I think I am going to order another dog carrier.

  5. YAY :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Which color did you get?
  6. i got the pearl cognac.....have you seen it in real life? It looked beautiful from the pics. I think I got the last one, because it was off the website as soon as I purchased. I'll try to post pics after I get it!:yahoo:
  7. GREAT CHOICE :yes: The pearl cognac has a very pretty iridescence, not flat like the solid colors :drool: