- is it for real?

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  1. i just bought an isabella fiore bag from and now i don't know if it's authentic. the one on looks different, but it may just be the winter version of the bag (which is what i'm thinking, since it JUST became available via neiman marcus, it wasn't there last week) - i don't know. adasa looked legit and the bag i recieved is indeed quite high-quality, this is just kinda freaking me out. thanks!
  2. which fiore bag did you get amanda? and for the record, I think adasa is reputable as evidenced by the reviews posted on the site.
  3. I get the feeling Adasa is on the up-and-up as well.
  4. i got the whip flash audra, and before i started looking around, i had absolutely zero suspicions about adasa. i'm really just starting to think that their website has the fall audra and neimans just got in the winter one or something like that.
  5. They're listed as an online retailer at the Juicy Couture Web site, so I'd say it's most likely a legitimate site.
  6. If you are able can you post pictures of the one you received from adasa i can attepmt to help. In the past few months i've bought 6 isabella fiore bags and feel I could probably tell. Three of them are from the whipflash line (I have two Alexias in bronze and brown, and an audra in brown)

    Hopefully i can help. I think the company is legit though. I beleive they have a store in Hawaii
  7. Adasa certainly sells authentic goods, I wouldn't worry about your fiore being faux.
  8. out of the bunch, the whipflash audra would be my choice too. love the color too.
  9. Yes, Adasa is definitely an authentic site. Enjoy your authentic IF bag! :smile:
  10. Yep they sure are!!! Hope you love your new bag!!
  11. this is the picture off the website, but it's exactly the same as the bag i recieved:
    the bag on the neiman marcus website that is getting me all bent out of shape is this one:

    as you can tell, they're very similar, and they're both identified as whip flash medium hobos, but the leather is different, the zipper tassles are different, and there's a different number of edge rivets. since i never suspected adasa of being faux before yesterday, and i can usually tell, i really just think maybe i have the fall version and this is the winter version (like i said, neiman marcus just added it in the past few days). additionally, all the ones going for $400 on ebay look like mine. so i dunno. i figured y'all would be the people to ask, though.
  12. I have one one that looks like the adasa picture. I think you're right about the fall and winter versions. That would probably explain it. I bought mine from Saks. Personally i don't think I would want the version with that big tag in the middle. And the tassles on the first picture have way more character.

    Enjoy your bag. Its authentic I'm sure.
  13. well i'm very glad to hear that. like you said, i actually like my bag a whoooole lot more than the one neiman's has, particularly the type of leather and the tassles, i just didn't want to pay $400 for something that was other than what it was supposed to be.
  14. Okay, I am quite certain that Adasa is authentic.

    But, just because you buy something from a reputable store doesn't mean it is always authentic - WHY?

    Dishonest buyers will purchase a real bag from a store, and then return a fake bag. I have heard this happen at a couple stores - TJ Maxx, and

    Some stores are now having to enact a new policy where they put a special tag on designer items in order to ensure it's the item sold - when you remove this tag you can't make a return. It really adds to the hassle of buying a great purse, and I hate the thieves who make this policy possible.

  15. THAT is so mess up... can't believe the nerve of people these days!! To return a FAKE bag? ::sigh:: :sad2: