Adasa.Com --- I can't believe they pulled a quick one!

  1. Ok I'm not sure if this belongs in the category. Let me know if it doesn't.

    So back in October 2007 I purchased a pair of jeans from It didn't fit so I contacted to return them. They told me if a return label was included with the merchandise I am more than welcomed to use it. So I did EXACTLY as I was told and sent it out for delivery. Three weeks later I never heard from them or got an update to my order. So I contacted them again, slowly they started shutting down the phone lines and chat online. So I had to email them and wait for a reply. When I finally got my reply they told me somewhere on the fine print it states "ship at your own risk". I thought great I just lost a pair of $200 jeans in the mail.

    NOW .... THREE MONTHS LATER! I got the package back in the mail from the post office. It wasn't lost in the mail, on the package there was a sticker that said " POSTAGE DUE Business reply permit EXPIRED". So I go to which now brings me to couturecandy instead. On the website it states that the new company is not responsible for any purchases made before this date and that it is the responsibility of the previous owners. So I emailed the address provided on couture candy and the reply I got was "ADASA has closed its business operations and we are no longer able to answer inquiries."

    I am so upset, I can't believe I purchased stuff from a company that was in transition of being bought by another company. When I shopped on they advertised a risk free shopping with free returns. I feel so screwed....:tdown:
  2. welcome to hostile corporate takeovers! I would try to get someone on the phone and explain what happened in the nicest possible way. People are more prone to want to help you out if you are kind to them and not telling them off as they just work there. If they want to keep their old Adasa customers, they better honor Adasa's outstanding transactions. I don't think they have to by law - it would just be the smart thing to do. If they say theres nothing they can do, well, just tell them they lost a customer. Life isn't always fair unfortunately. Good luck.
  3. i would try and do a chargeback on your credit card for the jeans. explain that you sent them back in a manner consistent with the return policy but your refund was refused and the company apparently changed owners. most credit card companies would issue a refund under those circumstances.
  4. if you happened to use an amex card for this transaction, call them. They have something called return protection or something like that. Basically you have $300 per incident, $1000 per year. If you buy something and the company you bought it from won't take it back, you have 90 days to contact amex for a refund and then you just have to send the item to amex and they refund you. I have done this about 3 times and it's great!! I usually don't buy from companies that don't have a return policy but on occasion I really wanted the item so I did and when it didn't work out, I just called up amex and got my money back.

    here's more info:
  5. ^^ I love that amex feature too.

    Sorry this happened to you poosdarling. That sucks. Try the charge back like Amanda said.
  6. Interesting! I wonder what AmEx does with all those returned goods?!
  7. I'm sorry this happened to you! Hopefully the credit card company refunds you for the money.
  8. Wow that's horrible that this happened to you! I agree with Amanda though, try to do a chargeback and see if that works. Good luck!
  9. Wow, I returned something to them that I bought right before they announced their closing and they took it back with no problems. I guess all you can really do is work with your credit card company. When did you send out your return? There were several gals on here that needed to return and we all got our money back.