Adasa 20%off code

  1. Use ALOHA47 for 20% off until April 16th

    (not for sales, pre-orders, special orders)
  2. Wooohoo! I just got this email in my inbox as well =) ADASA does NOT charge TAX PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks! I was just thinking about buying some more goodies from there. Plus, they have free 2-day shipping for orders over $100.
  4. Aw man, I wanted to order a Moni Moni Splendor bag but all colors are sold out now :sad:
  5. do they require signature confirmation upon delivery?
  6. going to order juicy parfum and maybe a pair of true religion jeans.
  7. signature req if order is over $700 i think
  8. yeah this site is great just ordered true religion jeans no tax and free shipping
  9. Hey authentic true religion jeans on eBay for real cheap! they are starting at 49.99! several pair up at this price! these jeans look great! Go to eBay and type in key words true religion jeans nwt u pick!
  10. Are those authentic? :confused1:
  11. sure don't look like it to me! :whistle:
  12. I thought so too :sad:.