Adam Lippes For Target


Aug 28, 2013
Soooo bad! At least nobody will ever mistake the Target collection for his regular line. A lot of designers just do super cheap versions of their stuff but this is nothing like his stuff. Kudos to Adam. Get some Target money, get your name out there a bit more & still keep your upscale clientele. Well played.


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Jul 25, 2015
I ordered the black and white plaid button-down blouse and the long vest on-line this morning. At 5'3", I'm not sure I'm tall enough to pull off the vest, but we'll see. When I glanced through the look book, I thought the gray henley top with plaid trim was cute...was surprised to see it's for men. For once, no problems at all ordering collaboration items on-line.


Jan 4, 2013
My online order is still not here! And will not be here until Mon/Tues depending on when the post office decides to deliver the packages. I saw a few items in store but did not try on anything besides the shoes. The flats are cute in person, though not a lot of cushion (similar to previous Target collab shoes). Still deciding on whether I want to keep them when they arrive. The items I am looking forward to trying on is the black/white long sleeve button down and the men's blue/black cardigan. I am hoping the men's is not too big on me, though it looked huge in store.

The dog treat canister and dog bowl looked to be good quality and a nice weight to them. None of my local stores had the thermos, and it wasn't available online when the collab launched. I wonder how the quality is for that one. I do not need a thermos since I do not even use the ones I have, but I like the look of it.


Nov 8, 2006
Got my online order. Really like all the items. The sizing runs very large.
I got the poncho - great quality, love the fringe. Still debating if I should keep. Its enormous but oh so cute.
The long belted sweater - keeping, also runs big.
Fleece jacket - returning, really a pretty jacket just to short and boxy looking.
Grey flannel coat - returning, super soft and wanted to keep but couldn't justify. Really large and boxy. May rebuy on sale.
Turtleneck sweater - keeping, doesn't run as large as some other pieces.
candle - keeping, smells good. Heavy and thick container. Good quality.

Two of my local Targets didn't carry a single item.

Would have bought the items even if it weren't Adam Lippes.