Ada Owners

  1. Just wondering what anyone thinks of the Ada? Is it heavy? Easy to use? Hate it or your favorite bag? I'm tossing around the idea of buying a black one from a local store that has one marked down. I heard it was pretty heavy, and since it is a final sale want to make sure I really want it. They have orginal price as $635 and down to $385, is that a good deal? TIA
  2. I had one in bourbon for awhile and it's a great bag, but it IS heavy, which is why I eventually sold mine. I love the look of it and the functionality of it too. I would imagine that black would be lovely.

    I'm not sure about that price though, have you checked eBay to see if there are any listed and what they're going for now? I got a pretty good deal on mine, it was new and I got it for $260. Of course if you found one you liked, you'd want to get it authenticated here first.

    Good luck!
  3. Hi!

    I had this bag but sold it because I found it quite heavy. I typically like the bigger bags and because I loved my Jillian so much I thought the Ada (as the 'big sister' to the Jillian) would be perfect. I did love it for the texture and color of the leather, but found it seemed even heavier than other Koobas, perhaps because the straps are so short in relation to the size of the bag. I just felt weighed down by it, which is unusual because 'heavy' bags don't usually bother me - I'm pretty strong.

    I'm sure some agree with it being heavy and others don't find it too heavy at all. It's the nature of individuality. You may have to try it out to determine if it'll work for you.

    Good luck! :smile:
  4. I should also add that at the time I purchased the Ada I already had the Jillian and the Audrey clutch - I LOVED that bourbon leather! So, along with being heavy to me, I had to choose between the three and the Jillian was the winner. :girlsigh:
  5. Is the Jillian large enough to use as a commuter bag? Could I put books & folders in it if I needed to?
  6. It's actually way too small for that. The Ada being larger can carry more but I"m not too sure folders would fit in it. Probably not.

    And the Jillian for comparison:

    Maybe a messenger style like the Annie?