Ada is sexy!

  1. She's here and ooh la la! I love the style and the smell and all of her!!

    The leather is fabulous and while I can see what you meant by the weight, she's less of a beast than is my Sloane. :yes:
    Ada2.jpg Ada.jpg
  2. Man oh man Grace, you have to do something about those hairy arms. Waxing might work. *grins*

    I really like the color of your Ada and it is just beautiful.
  3. I know it. I just keep thinking Hairy Arms will be fashionable some day. :roflmfao:
  4. :roflmfao: great pix!

    delish bag btw!!!!!
  5. I think the Ada looks best in that colour!! Congrats on your new kooba. :yahoo:
  6. Gorgeous Ada Grace! Is that bourbon?
  7. Congrats on your new baby! She's gorgeous!
  8. Beautiful Grace, enjoy her!
  9. Everyone sing now....

    "Grace...Too sexy for her Kooba, Too sexy for her Kooba...Too sexy for her Kooba Too Sexy YEaH!"

    LOL The bag is beautiful!!!! And those hairy arms will look great with all the muscle bulk you are going to get from carrying it! LOL

    I love how hubby is holding it far far from his body as if to say..."IT'S NOT MINE"!!
  10. Yes, that's the Bourbon.

    LOL My hairy-armed hubby is horrified that I didn't bother to crop the pictures! Oh well!
  11. Just tell him we think men with hairy arms are sexy.

    That will make him smile. *s