ad Singh Designed Olive Green Wedding Gown - Suggest a Purse Please

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  1. Can you suggest me the perfect purse for ad singh designed olive green wedding gown? I don’t have the exact design with me but u can browse the designer AD Singh site either, or Please let me know asap as the wedding date is 30th April. I will prefer an olive color or a similar shade, as my fience love olive green color ;) . I have specialy asked my designer AD Singh to design an olive color wedding gown!
  2. Please help me....
  3. I trust you've read the rules of this forum and are not advertising.
  4. im sorry if i did smthing wrong, may be im excited about my wedding.
  5. I think an olive green and golden color bag with small straps will work.
  6. Hey Thanks! Golden color can go as the same combination is used in my dress..have a golden border in sleaves and neck. Im ready to spend between 1000 - 3000$ . which designer should i go for?:confused1:
  7. thanks
    this is a similar gown..but mine has golden borders.

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  8. I guess with this olive green a darker shade will go.
  9. Im desperatly waiting :confused1:
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  11. I love the valentino so pretty