Ad in Marie Claire -- Beijo Handbags -- odd...

  1. This company, Beijo Bags, took out a full page ad in December's Marie Claire as well as partial ads in a few other mags I have, all of which must have cost well over $200,000. Apparently this is a company in which you don't buy bags directly from them, instead you must host bag parties to sell them to your friends (which I can't imagine myself ever doing) and you make money and earn bags (kind of like some Mary Kay type sales structure I suppose). Some styles are cute, although nothing unique, but upon further review the bags seem to be all patent "polyvinyl", designed in the US and made in China (as with pretty much every other company these days). The bags are described as:

    "Our bags begin with durable polyvinyl, to which we add a combination of special materials for our signature pearlescent finish."

    I assume polyvinyl means plastic (?), which means that they're fairly cheaply made bags. But they seem pricey for PVC priced at $69 to $89. Bag Haus, Shop Suey Boutique, and Fashion Flairs are always in mags including "In Touch", "People Style Watch", "Life and Style Weekly" providing cheap alternatives to designer bag styles (I'm a publicist for PR company with a design house client, so I keep track of these things) and I think the aforementioned companies' prices are a bit cheaper than Beijo Bags although I can't speak for the quality of the "inspired" bags they offer. I think $69 to $89 is a bit pricey for Beijo's PVC bags, especially given that Target and the likes offers decent ones for much cheaper. And, do the bags look especially plasticy/rubbery? They do to me - kind of like those horrible jelly/plastic/rubber flats and pumps from the 80's that came in vivid colors.

    Here is the new Beijo bag collection - it won't allow me to cut and paste photos (I suspect these are *very* flattering photos of the featured bags):

    Here's a link to a video clip of the owner/designer's "closet" aka the bags in her collection -- this provides the best look at the quality and designs:

    Here's a few other bag photos I could cut and paste:




    I'm not so impressed. What do you all think of this? I tend to never carry bags made of plastic/PVC for the simple fact that I'm hard on them. I had a PVC tote once and the handles ripped fairly quickly due to the weight of books and magazines I carried in the bag. Also, I've never been to a bag party, candle party, cosmetic party etc. in someone's home. I can't imagine it, frankly, although I know they're popular and people enjoy them.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts on this. I'd love to read yours.
  2. Forgot two I wanted to cute and paste:


  3. Yeah, I got invited to a Beijo party a couple of months ago by a co-worker because she knows how into bags I am. I'd never heard of them so I went to the website. Not my style AT ALL....I politely declined. I don't think I would enjoy a purse made of that material either.
  4. I have seen them IRL and they are very nice - much nicer, IMHO, than the Target PVC bags....but I guess it is certainly a style which won't appeal to everyone. I do like that the bags are structured (obviously) and due to the materials they use, they can come up in some very unique colors and shapes.

    To me it's a different category of handbag - probably the "high-end" of the man-made bags, but again, not to everyone's liking...

    ETA: The store I saw the bags at carried the bags because the storeowner was a friend of a rep. I suppose she does the Beijo purse parties as well, but most of the line was represented at the store. I think it really depends on the rep and geographic location in terms of how you procure the bags (store or party).

  5. Interesting -- I agree that the structured shape of the bags is nice. Quality, stylish bags under $100 is a rarity, although I wish they were made stateside (but if they were they most likely wouldn't be affordable anymore -- sadly).
  6. I used to work with a woman who sold those bags. She used to hang fliers on all the bulletin boards in the office. When I first saw the ad, I checked out the bags online and wasn't too interested. They remind me of the Jelly Kelly bags that were widely popular a few years back.
  7. I have seen these in real life also. Some Beijo representatives were at my local mall for one of those home business expos. The bags looked okay...better than most PVC bags. I don't think I would buy any though. I never could see how people make money from Mary Kay, Avon, Beijo, or any other home selling business. I have never known anyone who buys from those parties.
  8. My friend who's really into hosting these kinds of parties (everything from laser treatments, Pampered Chef, adult toys, CAbI, etc) was carrying one. Not my style, mostly because I can't get into vinyl bags. Plus I find those home parties completely annoying.
  9. Very interesting to see the opinions on this... I actually am a fan of those Beijo bags!! I fell for them instantly... the colors are wonderful and the finish is so unique. They look like, but don't crack in the cold like patent leather (I live in Canada, so it's important!). And considering the trend with vegans (who obviously don't buy leather) I believe that their popularity will continue to increase. Of course, everything is a question of taste, and I totally understand that they are not for everyone. I personally liked them enough to sign up as a representative here in Calgary, AB (Canada)! I started 2 months ago and it's been great for me so far. Home parties have a 'Tupperware' reputation but these are definetely not your mom's parties... The product appeals to young working women... so don't think tea and pie, but more sushi & martini parties! And who doesn't like to have fun with girlfriends on a Friday night?! I just love it!

    Sophie Dupuis - Beijo Calgary
  10. The colors are nice, but i don't typically like "inspired bags". And all those parties are so annoying. I knew a woman who sold pampered chef, she didn't make any money off of it.
  11. Hi everyone! I saw a woman in a store that I work in today that was carrying one of these bags. I commented on it, and she said that she loves them, except she said they aren't very good quality. She said she bought 3, but can only wear 1 now because the other two have fallen apart. So, they're not that great quality, but very cute in person!
  12. They're aren't my style at all.

    These are the epitome of "Suburban Stay-at-Home Mom" where I live. I can't go to the grocery store without seeing at least three of them.
  13. Looks like my grandmas "going to AC" bag :roflmfao:
  14. I actually love the Beijo bag. I have a "Trendsetter" bag and use it as a diaper bag/purse combo (because of course, I think I'm too cool to carry a diaper bag!!). Anyway, the purses are NOT big out in Nashville. I think there are only 2 sales reps in the whole state. Anyway, my sister (who is up in Chicago, where they are EVERYWHERE) gave me the bag for Christmas in silver and I've carried as my "every day" bag ever since. Lots of compliments--which is nice, but more importantly, it's sturdy, can get cleaned up with a little windex or goo gone and best of all, holds all my crap!!
  15. As much as I understand people not wanting to carry leather, I just don't like the fact that these are made out of petroleum products when the price of oil is near $100 a barrel.