Acuzine an alternate to Accutane...?

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  1. I was looking online for alternates for accutane because I just dont think I want to resort to using it yet.
    I found a product called Acuzine..Has anyone tried it or heard any stories about it? Did it work for you?

  2. I have not heard of that. I dealt with acne in high school that was pretty bad, and the Dr's wanted to put me on accutane at one point. With all of the side effects of accutane, I would never touch it. It literally dries your body/organs from the inside out. I know how tough it is to have acne, but I hope you find something that does not destroy your liver and body to make it better. Hugs!
  3. my daughter was on accutane because she had bad cystic modular acne. the accutane was dispensed using a lower dosage so she wouldnt dry out as much. yes her skin got dry and her lips did as well. But the medicine shrinks your oil glands to the size of a babys. You get your triglycerides checked every month to make sure that the medicine isnt messing with your liver.
  4. i used a generic perscribed version of accutane...i was on a low dosage too...stil completely clear after two years