1. just wondering if anyone has experience with acupuncture?

    do you like it, does it hurt? do you feel like it truly benefits your body?

    i'd like to use it to relieve upper back tension, and for stress relief...but i've never tried it..
  2. My parents do it all the time whenever they have tensions anywhere on their body and they say it really does help. However if they ever pulled their back, they find that thtye need to go back atleast 2-3 times for it to work..

    My boyfriend did it for his allergies that he has had for practically his whole life, and amazingly they just disappeared. He doesnt sneeze or blow his nose anymore.

    I hear the pain is like a pinch and it really doesnt hurt all that much.
  3. It absolutely saved my mother's life. (And she barely feels the needles going in. They're as fine as a human hair)

    At 79, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was all over one breast and there was also a spot near her collarbone.

    Her acupuncturist saw her as frequently as she could afford him, gave her herbs, always checked her pulse in three places, checked her tongue, and treated her whole body and digestive system.

    His point was, you treat the whole body to make it strong, and focus on the digestive tract so a patient undergoing chemo won't get nauseous, lose weight, lose their appetite, lose more weight and be unable to fight the chemo/radiation cure for the cancer.

    That's why you hear "the cure is worse than the disease" and why so many people succumb to it. We met many people in chemo bay that were half mom's age and just wasting away, even though they'd found the cancer early, because they were nauseous and vomiting all the time.

    Anyway, she never got sick, gained seven pounds during the 3 months of chemo, and came through all that, a radical mastectomy 3 days before her 80th birthday, and 7 weeks of daily radiation and the worst thing that happened was she lost her voice for a couple of weeks (because of the radiation) and had to write everything down.

    So if you ask "does it work" and "do you believe in it" my answer is a resounding YES.

    Mom is 81 now, cancer free, and back to work like nothing happened.

    She still sees her acupuncturist once a month and he's like family.

    Very important FYI: make sure that your acupuncturist is an O.M. as well as a licensed acupuncturist. That is, a doctor of oriental medicine. Please don't go to a westerner. If you can, go to the Chinatown in your area and do some research. Anyone can stick needles in you, but to have the other assessments is important (pulse, tongue, herbs, etc.) as well.

    Good luck!

  4. wow! I'm glad you're mom's doing well.. it's so interesting the way the acupuncturist prepared her during the treatment... it's all in the philosophy.

    Now that you brought up the digestive system..mine could definitely use some help!! thanks for your awesome recommendations!
  5. I love acupuncture. It helps with my neck/shoulder/back tension like NOTHING ELSE!!

    Give it a try!
  6. Wow I was just considering it today myself - sounds fantastic!!

    I have upper back tension - so many knots I cant keep track... will keep you posted on how I go.
  7. i've tried it for weight loss. it feels a bit sore and annoying coz they stab it in your skin first and then twist the needle while it's in your skin.

    and no, i havent lost any weight coz it's more like a boost thing on top of NOT EATING. yeah they told me only to eat raw cucumbers and tomatos.
  8. I did acupuncture a few years ago because I was having issues with my wrist. I didn't think it would do anything for me but it actually worked. I'm also terrified of needles but there's really not much pain with acupuncture because the needles are so fine.
  9. I will refer DBF to this thread. He has developed arthritis and has been asking various people about their experiences with acupuncture. Maybe this thread will convince him to give it a try. I would love to see him get some relief, so he can cut back on the prescription drugs.