Acupuncture ?

  1. Has anyone ever tried it ? If so did it work ? Ive never tried it myself.
  2. I have, I had a wrist issue that they wanted to operate on (after wearing a brace for 4 months and getting cortizone shots).

    Pros - it fixed the issue, permanently - I haven't had an issue since my treatment was complete
    - I didn't hurt/meet my scary expectations

    Cons - most health insurance policies don't cover it - it should be between $75 and $120 a visit
    - acupressure (which they do before the acupuncture) and the suction cups they use to help diagnose where you need the most immediate attention - sometimes is uncomfortable and can leave mild bruises

    The main thing to remember is - keep an open mind - Western medicine only treats what they think the issue is - Eastern medicine treats the issue and everything it effects - if you have a question on why they are treating area A when you feel the issue is with area B - ask them and they will explain

    it really does work - I never had to had surgery and have sent many folks to try it and they have all had very positive experiences.
  3. worked for me over and over again. saved me during pregnancy...would have literally wasted away without it. of course you must go to someone reputable and very good. if you'd like to try it and live either in nyc or LA i can recommend the best! good luck and feel good:yes:
  4. I've tried it a few times at different places. Locally and at Spas in Las Vegas and Arizona. I think it's a nice pain reliever, but I don't really trust it for the whole lose weight gimmick. I've gotten it done on my hands, my face, and my back. When you get it done in your face, it does help relieve your sinuses.
  5. I have chronic pain and i'm tempted to try it. But i'm also terrified of needles
  6. I am goin to school for it .... I would recommend you to try going to a school and see if they have a clinic in the school. Usually final year students take in patients (its like doing an internship at the hospital) They usually have better pricing!! hope this helps!! I love seeing people who are willing to have alternative methods of therapy in their life.
  7. the needles dont hurt. Most people have an idea of a syringe tip needle pain, but the needles that are most often used are small enough to bu put into a syringe needle. (this varys due to choice of what the doctor may see you need)
  8. :biggrin:I love acupuncture! I have a friend in OR, who I did trades with for years (I'm a massage therapist) It helped a lot with recovery from a car accident, and as an added bonus, I quit caffeine - just didn't like/need it anymore. Get recommendations for a good acupuncturist from someone you know aqnd trust. Make sure they are someone you feel comfortable with. (Also, diff. acupuncturists have different styles.) But, try it, you'll like it!:yes:
  9. I have acupuncture done weekly with vitamin therapy! I love it and while some areas are more sensitive than others, it has been a blessing for me! Can't say enough great things about it!:angel:
  10. My husband and I just started treatment and so far so good. WE both noticed a diffeerence afer the first treatment.
  11. i have not tried it... i think my mom did.. she liked it. It really helped w/her headache...
  12. Can you feel the needles? What would you compare the sensation to? There is no way I could do this, I am scared to death of needles!
  13. You can feel the needles sort of - most of the time they feel like someone gently touching your skin - it's not a sensation that you would associate with your standard 'medical needle'.

    Remember - these needles don't have a channel in the middle for fluids to go up or down in....they are a little thicker than a strand of hair.

    Most of these therapists have lots of experience with folks that are scared of needles and how to put them at ease. If this is a medical option you really want to explore - I'd recommend it highly.
  14. I love acupuncture. I also love suction cups, it really straightens out your back if you have back problems. You can not feel the needles at all (if you go to a decent doctor), but if you're afraid of needles- you might have to adjust yourself to looking at needles stuck in your body. :sad: It's not that bad though, you'll soon learn to ignore them.

    In some ways, I like chinese medicene over western practices- lots of herbs and natural ways. But sometimes, western practices are necessary.
  15. tln: 95% of people do not feel the insertion of the needles. What they usually feel is the "arrival" of Qi and its usually like a tingling/pulling/dull feeling. Alot of people who we meet in our clinic that are deathly afraid of needle....we ask the to just look the other way and take deep breaths (alot of first timer faint) and you would never know that the needle were inserted