Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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  1. We have talked about this so much in the TTC thread, I thought I'd give it it's own thread.

    Please share your questions, experiences, articles, etc about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) here:tup:.
  2. So I will start with my experience with acupuncture....

    This is from a previous post in the TTC thread:
    I had it done for the first time this afternoon and WOW was that a crazy experience!! First off, let me tell you that I am really sensitive to anything going on w/my body and super sensitive to outside stimulus, so I think I had really good results for acupuncture...

    We started out by taking a really thorough medical history and we talked about what my diet was like and then we talked about my cycle. She recommended more protein in the morning and said to be careful about eating cold food. She said to stop taking the OPK's, she thought that they weren't reliable and for the expense, the best way to time pregnancy is cervical mucus. I mentioned that I didn't think my CM was great and she said that acupuncture can help that and they could be due to some blockages... She said there were a few imbalances I was experiencing that could be easily corrected with acupuncture and that I was a textbook case. I was kind of nervous and excited about getting needled so I was all wired. :sweatdrop:

    I got up on the table and she walked her fingers down my spine and put a needle on each side. It felt like a mosquito biting me. Asked her what I should expect to feel and she said some people feel really relaxed and some people just fall asleep. Then after they were all in she said ok, "I'm going to be back in about 30 minutes." I was like WHAT? I am just going to lie here for thirty minutes, that will be an ETERNITY! (I'm not patient and can't relax at all, I always have to be doing something, I can't even relax in massages.) So my mind was wandering and I was thinking of to-do lists and what to cook for dinner when all the sudden my mind just kind of caved in on itself and in my mind was a picture of vast blackness and then little specks of light like stars and then they moved in all directions and stopped like the were all in place and then I felt a warm surge and woke up and she was in the room. I looked at her and was totally confused.:weird: I said "Was that 30 minutes?" She was like yup, well actually 27 minutes. I could NOT believe that I was out for that long. I kept asking her...REALLY?? Are you sure! :confused1:It felt like seconds. I was so relaxed when I got up, like a limp noodle. I could barely focus my eyes. I was in a dream like state and probably shouldn't have driven home, but I lived close.

    When I got home I thought, oh I will just lie down for a second and then walk the dog. I was OUT for an hour!! :sleepy:Don't know if it will get me pregnant, but man do I feel great!

    So overall... a very trippy experience. :wacko:

    Then about 3 weeks later I got my AF, but this is what I found....(previous post)

    AF is here :tdown:. But... since I have done three weeks of accupuncture, my blood is really red and healthy looking, as opposed to the brown mess I used to get and didn't have as much spotting as I used to, which left me a little confused. I compared my temps to last months and the were considerably higher this month...

    I am in my 6th week of a/c and last week she checked for blockages. I "o" this week, so we will see what happens :p
  3. Tabbyco - after reading your past posts about aupuncture, I have located a TCM in my area and am going to see her if we do not get pg this month - not only for fertility but for some other things as well - your post made me feel a lot more comfortable with the idea, so thanks!
  4. I contacted my Dr and he told me I've to pay for it out of pocket. Darn! Our insurance coverage in Cali sucks.

    Sorry, I've no experience to share yet, hopefully soon.
  5. I am doing it, went to my third visit on Friday.
    My needles have been getting placed all over my stomach and pelvic bone area. I have a tummy ... so I feel like a pin cushion, they do not hurt at all.
    She did put one in my middle wrist and I felt pain in my palm, crazy pain, I said, "Take it out Now" She told me it is good for my meridian but I was not having any of it and told her to take it out.
    She also puts a few near my inner ankles. Going in, they kinda hurt.

    I did that for 2 weeks, this past Fri I had my period so she put them down my back, again no pain there, she was telling me the places this week were good for my kidneys.

    I am on "high" right now ....I have the clearblue fertility monitor and taking 50 mg of Clomid, Hopefully this will be my week!!!
  6. My insurance doesn't cover it either :tdown:. But I can pay for it from my flexible spending account...:tup:
  7. It will be my fourth visit tomorrow. My temperature is higher than last cycle. However, I still haven't ovulate yet. Today is 19th day. I have not cycles. She wants to shorten my cycle. It seems not happening this month.

    So far, it hurts only once when she put a needle in my tummy during my second visit. I was talking and watching her putting the needle. I think I got nervious when I saw the needle. I told her I needed to cover my eyes from now on. After that, nothing has been hurting.

    I also take TCM. She gave me different herbs everytime since they taste different. The batches I am taking taste ok. Or maybe I just get used to the taste.

    I am not sure if it will help me to get preg.

    It is expensive. My insurance doesn't cover it too.
  8. It is expensive. And because of that, I think I'm going to go once a month until I get pregnant. I have an appointment today.
  9. I went for TCM and Acupuncture last night.

    It hurts a very little bit yesterday for a few needles.

    Some of the spots are the same every time, especially the ones on the wrists and legs. But every week, she puts needles in different spots of my tummy and back. The first visit, she put needles in the back of my head. The second visit, she put needles in my forehead. The third visit, needles inside my ears. Yesterday, no needles in my head, and no needles in my tummy. She usually pressed my tummy very hard everytime before she put needles in my tummy. Yesterday, she didn't pressed my tummy at all.

    My temperature (before ovulation) is higher than the past. She told me I already O. But I don't think so. I used OPK. I still got a purple line, not dark enough through.

    One difference is the acupuncture helps me sleep a lot. You know how much stress from TTC. I had problem falling in sleep few weeks ago. I told her, whatever she did, gave me a good night sleep for awhile. Last few days, I woke up in the middle of the night. I told her yesterday. Whatever she did, give me a very good night sleep last night.

    We are still BDing. I don't think I O yet. But she was quiet sure I already ovulated. She saw that from my chart. However, my temp is not as high as the after ovulation from the past cycles. She told me I can stop BDing. But me and hubby don't want to miss the chance. And we kind of feel like it lately.
  10. Sounds like it is helping VT Pooh :tup:

    I went yesterday and she did this procedure called Moxibustion. She needled my abdomen, took them out and then lighted a little pyramid of herbs on my skin until they burned half way down and then removed them. She did this for about 5 minutes. Moxibustion pulls heat into the womb. I could feel the warmth. It was pretty cool. Then needles went back in above the uterus and a few in my legs and I was asleep with in minutes.
  11. Ok, I can get a dark purple line from OPK this morning.

    So my report is TCM & acupuncture can push my temperature a lot higher, but hasn't shorten my period this month.
  12. I shared my experience in mama2anangel's thread. I started after I lost my first one and my TCM experience has been a tremendously helpful one. I conceived quickly again and had a really easy labor.

    However, I do caution against just going to anyone. Do ask around for recommendations and go to someone who is truly qualified and responsible.
  13. Gals, question... did your acupuncturist ask for health records before starting the session? I went to a free consultation last Saturday and he asked for those FSH and follicle records, so he would know better what to do.
  14. I am so glad that I read this post!! I am going for my first visit next Tuesday! I am excited, I have PCOS and we have been TTC for the last year. Thanks for sharing all your expereinces!
  15. My update:

    I went acupuncture. She told me NO hope for this cycle. I am not upset. I think this is just the first month of TCM and accupuncture. I just have my hope there.