Actually I got it on Tuesday, but...

  1. I am not sure its authenticity. That's why I couldn't post it here right away. I'd asked a tpfer to describe her splendor to me, but part of me was still paranoid that I bought a fake. I got it from eBay seller Lninos and I knew people said he's legit. (that's why I bought it at the first place) But when I got the bag, the bag is not light as I thought it could be. And the zipper pulls should be OPTI pulls, shouldn't they? Mine zipper pulls all used small metal rings instead of the OPTI pulls. I emailed few times to the seller, but he never replied me. (the weird thing was he had changed the pics on the listing, all the ring pulls changed to OPTI pulls, and I am sure about it, so he definitely read my email).

    I started to doubt if I got a fake one (it would be a super fake), so I brought it to the retailer store "Shebang" in Chicago to check it. The SA touched and smelled the bag (I was so nervous) and told me it's real deal. They didn't have splendor in the store at the moment, but she told me the quality/color of the leather was just like my bag. I felt much better.

    I still hope someone here who can confirm the new model of the splendor (or other bags by moni moni) has used the small rings for zipper pulls, please & TIA. Here are photos-the Olive Splendor!!!

    1st pic is taken without flash
    others are taken with flash

    olive1.jpg olive2.jpg olive3.jpg olive4.jpg
  2. is it an ugly bag:confused1: Anyway I will take more pics with the natural light.
  3. Personally, I love the look of this bag. I have yet to see one IRL but am seriously debating getting it in Caramel but I really love that color, which is odd because I don't generally wear or look at anything green!
  4. I love your green Splendor! I have one in caramel and will try to check the rings tonight. I have a shopper tote in a putty-ish color and will check that out also.
  5. it's cute! glad that you've confirmed its authenticity
  6. Yes, if it is from Lninos there is absolutely no worry of authenticity.
    I'm not a fan of the bag myself but it sure is a big seller. Lindsay Lohan had one didn't she? :smile:
  7. I have the same one.I love it!
    splendor olive 003.jpg
  8. I think it's REALLY cute!!
  9. It looks like Moni Moni. That's how their bags are. It's cute in a squishy kind of way.
  10. Reminds me of the clohe paddy, wasnt there a box style? Cute, The color looks like it would be perfect for fall/winter :biggrin:
  11. It's real. I have the exact same bag and I just adore it. :tup:
  12. I'm glad your bag was deemed as :tup:. I really love it, it's gorgeous, especially the color.
  13. i really like it! the color is gorgeous & will be perfect for the fall. good find!
  14. Thank you for all compliments...yep the leather was so soft and I touched it again and again...:shame: Now I want get another one...maybe Savana in plum, what do u think!!!
  15. i love this bag, feel comfortable even just look at it....