actual price of reissue 225-after price increase?

  1. hi ladies,

    i am thinking about getting a black reissue anytime soon, but i would like to know the price for it. as i was in a chanel boutique last week, i know that the 226 is about 2300 USD. does anyone of you know the price of a 225? before and after price increase?

    thanks in advance!!!
  2. US$2150. But I was just lucky got one with the old tag US$1995 end of July, because someone just decided not taking the bag. I don't know when exactly the price went up. But I knew a few TPFers bought with the old price in May.

    BTW, not many boutique carries 225 size. Mine is from Chanel SF. I think Chanel in Tysons Corner also order 225 size. Good Luck!
  3. thank you, ceci! :yes: