Actresses who look like they smell bad...

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  1. I just came across this interesting article. I tried to do a search but could not find any post about this so I thought I'd share it here. Do you agree with the list? Olsen twins, Kirsten Dunst, Helena Bonham Carter, Cameron Diaz, Pam Anderson.
  2. wow, thats mean Lol!
  3. lol. before I even open this thread Kristen Dunst was the first person
    I thought of.
  4. Here's Maxim's take on that matter:

    I've edited it to take out anything that's really mean. - caitlin1214

    Famous People Who Look Like They Smell
    Some people just look like they release an unpleasantly pungent aroma. And when we say some people, we mean these people.

    Mark Boone Jr. (Batman Begins)
    Probably smells like: Mustache grime, stale donuts, coffee breath, gut sweat

    Flavor Flav
    Probably smells like: Colt 45, crack smoke, the collective vaginas of the women from Flavor of Love

    Billy Joel
    Probably smells like: Wine coolers, whiskey shots, box wine, PBR, burnt rubber

    Louie Anderson
    Probably smells like: The fryer at the McDowell´s on Queens Boulevard, exposed gums, the set of Family Feud, failure

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  5. Woody Allen
    Probably smells like: Mothballs, Icy Hot, Matzo

    Meat Loaf
    Probably smells like: Sweaty jowls, sweaty thighs, and, of course, sweaty meat loaf

    Pete Doherty

    Amy Winehouse
    Probably smells like: Pomade, high-heel blisters, some sort of cheese, Chewbacca

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  6. lol funny article...totally agree with the list.
  7. Fergie was the first one that popped into my mind even if she's not an actress. SHe just seems so dirty / unkept /impure (lol strange choice of word I know) to me. Sorry fergie. =(
  8. Steve Buscemi

    Paul Giamatti
    Probably smells like: Dumpiness, schlumpiness, frumpiness, glasses

    Rob Schneider
    Probably smells like: Soul Glow, Sink water, Adam Sandler´s scraps

    Cisco Adler (The Rock Life)

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  9. Kate Moss. She seems to look like she's in constant need of a bathing and $20 for something to eat.
  10. Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue)
    Probably smells like: ´Stache grease, bratwurst, Old Style Beer, sweaty scalp

    Nick Nolte
    Probably smells like: Grain alcohol, GBH, pit stains, pissed pants, bad decisions

    John Madden (Sunday Night Football)

    Andy Rooney
    Probably smells like: Sex

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  11. paris hilton reeks of desperation.
  12. Fergie, Britney Spears, Ashley Simpson, Cameron Diaz, and Paris Hilton look like they smell like fish or b.o. to me.
  13. Cat Von Teese (The LA ink chick) she looks so stinky.
  14. I never thought of people in this regard... how odd that there are published lists! I would be really embarrassed if I was one of those people.
  15. Lindsay Lohan always looks dirty to me!