Actress to play a movie about your life

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  1. I hope this is the right section to post this thread. I have seen this question in women magazine so many times. i wanna know the views of our tPF members about if you can choose one actress or actor to take the role of your slef in a movie about your life ,who would it be?

    I would pick Lindsay Lohan (when she is 6 yrs older:P )cuz i was quite a party animal like her when i was younger and we both love bags and fashion.
  2. What a great thread! :smile:
    I think I would want Kate Hudson to play me. We're around the same height, weight (we'll soon be, cuz I'm working on it ;)) and age, and we're both blondes with blue eyes. Besides I love her smile and I think she's totally cute and it would be nice to see her playing me :smile:
  3. I wanna know whether there is someone who might say "i want Pamela Anderson to play as me"
  4. ^^ lol..

    i'm not sure..let me think.. well maybe i will play me.. i kinda need my own 5 seconds of fame
  5. Reese Witherspoon. Or Drew... Someone of that sort would be the most fitting. (i think)
  6. Claire Danes.
  7. Cate Blanchett...using an American accent
  8. Easy. It would have to be Jennifer Tilly. For the past 20 years I have gotten at least once a week someone telling me that I look like her...seriously. I was even mistaken for her once when I was at a restaurant years ago. Imagine that!
    But I'd rather look like Angelina Joline.
  9. Angelina Joie! And Brad could play my husband :graucho:
  10. Naomo Watts!lol
  11. Julia Roberts
  12. I would say Angelina Jolie, because she's my same age and brunette and stuff. And because my waldrobe is 90% black. lol

    Also because my husband looks just like Brad least when I'm playing my fantasy games. lol
  13. :graucho: Um, I think I'd like to change my answer.