Actress Slain in Gang-Related Shooting

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  1. Actress Slain in Gang-Related Shooting

    LOS ANGELES - Teen actress Tara Correa-McMullen, who portrayed a former gang member in the TV show "Judging Amy," was shot to death amid gang violence, police said.

    Authorities in Inglewood, a suburb south of Los Angeles, said the actress was shot several times as she stood outside an apartment complex Oct. 21. Two men with her were wounded.

    Correa-McMullen's parents, Devora Correa and Thomas McMullen, wrote in the eulogy that was read at the 16-year-old's funeral on Friday that their daughter made friends with everyone, "whether they were a grip or a caterer."

    No suspects have been identified in the shooting, which is believed to be gang-related, police said.

    "She may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time," said Sgt. Steve Overly said.

    After filming her first movie, "Rebound," which was released this summer, Correa-McMullen won a recurring role on "Judging Amy" as a former gang member named Graciela.

  2. That's awful :sad2: :sad2: :sad2: I remember the episodes of Judging Amy that she was in.
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