Actress Heigl of 'Grey's Anatomy' engaged

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  1. Sat Jun 17, 7:46 PM ET

    Katherine Heigl is engaged to musician Josh Kelley, according to People magazine. The "Grey's Anatomy" star and her fiance have not set a wedding date, representatives told the magazine.
    Heigl, 27, who plays Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens on the hit ABC show, met Kelley, 25, last year when she appeared in a video for his song, "Only You."
    Heigl, a former model, also appeared on the WB's "Roswell." Kelley's third album, "Just Say the Word," is expected to be released July 24

    I like her! Don't know much about him or his music though.
  2. Congratulations to them :heart: I remember seeing her on the Disney Channel, lol.
  3. I LOVE HER ever since I saw her in "My Father the Hero"!!!
  4. That's really nice news.
  5. I never realized that was her. Funny. I just saw her in that movie "The Ringer."
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