Actress Busy Phillips expecting first child

  1. Actress Busy Philipps expecting first child

    By Angela, CBB News Editor


    Former ER, Dawson's Creek, and Freaks and Geeks star Busy Philipps, 28, announced at San Francisco's Sketchfest that she and husband Marc Silverstein are expecting their first child. If anyone has more information or knows a due date, please e-mail us.

    Source: BuzzSugar
  2. Congrats to her, so sad that she is celebrating such a happy time in her life and such a sad time in her best friend Michelle Williams'. I think Busy Phillips is Matilda's (Ledger and Williams daughter) Godmother. Let's hope this brings joy to all of them.
  3. good for her
  4. is she by any chance related to actress bijou phillips?
  5. Congrats to her!
  6. I dont think any relation to bijou. I like her on ER, she's on a mission on the show dont know if she'll be coming back. Ive seen footage of her helping out michelle williams mom- thats a true friend! congrats to her!
  7. I've never heard of her.
  8. What a bittersweet time for her. Congrats to her though!
  9. Congrats to her! I loved that show she was on Freaks and Geeks!!
  10. congrats
  11. what an interesting name. wonder what she will name her child
  12. I like her. She was also on an episode of the short-lived show Undeclared. :yes: Hope she has a healthy pregnancy
  13. congrats to both of them
  14. I know this thread is 100 years old, but Busy has a podcast now called "We're No Doctors" and it's really funny, and her insta stories are always pretty relatable and great, as a working mom.