Actor Vincent Cassel and model Tina Kunakey wed in France

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  1. A few months too late , but it seems there is no thread about it.

    Actor Vincent Cassel (51) and model Tina Kunakey (21) wed in France
    Black Swan star Vincent Cassel has tied the knot with stunning model Tina Kunakey in France.
    The happy couple had an intimate ceremony at the city hall in Bidart, France on Friday and were photographed beaming hand-in-hand as they emerged to a crowd of onlookers.

    Tina (21) wore a custom Vera Wang gown with princess skirt while the groom (51) wore a cream suit with pink shirt.

    “When a French film icon weds a ravishing extraordinary beauty, voila!” Vera Wang told Vogue. “This gown is all about youth, charm, and couture draping with a voluminous ballskirt.”

    Cassel later shared a photo of himself and his new wife on Instagram with the caption, “OUI!️ #24aout2018.”

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    Oh He use to be married to Monica Belluci
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  4. She is absolutely beautiful!
  5. I like him as an actor. She's very beautiful.

    I couldn't imagine a 30 year age difference when I was 21 even if he was wealthy, I had absolutely no interest.
  6. Good grief she's gorgeous!!
  7. She's stunning!! And he's very sexy.
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  8. If I had to stand next to her I would die because I would look like a mutant troll compared to her. Life is so not fair.
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  9. She is stunning and so is her wedding gown. Married at 21 to a 51 year old YIKES. Godspeed.
  10. Maybe some young girls are flexible about the age difference when the guy is hot and preferably rich, but it's not exactly the case here. IMO Cassel really looks his age. I would pass on. She's gorgeous, though.
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  11. Singing to his wife on her birthday a few days after their wedding.
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  12. I just can’t imagine not feeling like you’re talking to your dad or uncle. He has a fourteen year old daughter. Even if you are rich and hot and cool you still haven’t been young since before she was born and have a totally different POV.
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  13. He really pulls some beautiful women! I personally cant imagine being only 21 and married to a divorced father 30 years my senior. I cant imagine what they even talk about.
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  14. :lol: I snorted!
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  15. Monica Bellucci is way hotter and beautiful than her