Actor Christian Bale goes on profanity laced rant (audio) *graphic language*

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  1. This link is reportedly to audio of Christian Bale ranting at a crew member who distracted him by walking thru the set while he was doing a scene for the film "Terminator Salvation". This audio is laced with f-bombs so make sure you don't play it at work or in front of kids...

    Wow, I would be afraid to piss this guy off :wtf:

    Audio below:

    What is also interesting is that you can hear his real Welsh accent coming out while he's going off- he sticks strictly to the American accent when doing interviews...
  2. this had our entire office laughing our butts off... only the people there know what really went down. still love him and think he's great.
  3. now i honestly believe he beat his mom and sister. As much as I love Christian Bale as an actor the guy has an incredible temper and I hope to god that he doesn't beat his wife when he goes off into these crazy rages.

    just my .02 cents.
  4. wow, he has the nerve to question someone else's professionalism.:wtf:
  5. was he in a bad mood thta day?:P
  6. I heard this earlier today and I was shocked. In interviews he comes across as a nice guy. IMHO he was way out of line. Who the heck does he think he is? Just because he is a high profile actor, doesn't give him the right to treat another human being like that. He needs to get his ego in check. After hearing this tape my opinion of him has dramatically changed. :tdown:
  7. :wtf:
  8. Ok.. after the first 30 seconds, he should have gotten over it. I believe the message was sent loud and clear.
    That's a total lack of respect for his fellow co-workers.. and ,akes him sound very much like a set "diva".
    The guy made a mistake. period. Get over it.
  9. WOW. LOL! Yes, he overreacted, but who knows what is going on on the set. Only they do. I have to say, hearing him rant makes me :lol::lol::lol:. Someone give him some happy pills or a cupcake. HAHA
  10. It was definitely an out-of-control rageful and abusive rant. (his mom and sister's charge against him of "abuse" seems very believable to me now) He could've exploded for 30 seconds and moved on, but he just had to keep firing away and escalating his threats. Who the heck does he think he is? Everyone makes mistakes, no need to be a malicious d!ck about it.

    This was disappointing. I LOVED Christian Bale, and now I can see what an arrogant, self-righteous, self-centered, hateful prick he is.
  11. Also, I just heard tonight on the radio that the "Bryce" he is referring to in the rant is Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron Howard's actress-daughter. That makes me even more sick... I won't go into details but I have met Bryce's siblings and they could not be NICER or more down to earth/unspoiled people. I have to wonder what it must be like to work with someone who is such a rageaholic as Bale clearly is :blink:

    Mr Roo and I were also talking about this earlier and he said, "Well, I'm sure Russell Crowe is relieved, he's now moved down a notch to the SECOND biggest a-hole in Hollywood" :lol:
  12. Gosh, I wish I could've seen what was going on. The other guy probably pissed his trousers. What kills it is that he goes on and on and on... Dude, he got it. We all did! That is no way to speak to someone. He's gorgeous and all but, who in the heck does he think he is??? No respect at all. I don't care if he was having a bad day. The other guy was probably having a bad day too. That's why he slipped up and walked around the lights. Geez! Imagine being married to him and having to hear his rants go on all the time and drag out for minutes, hours, days. What an a$$
  13. Dang, I'm at work. I wish I could listen to it. I have to wait 9 hours before I can hear it.
  14. GirlFriday, imagine a guy shouting insults with the f-bomb interspersed about every three words. I counted and he said "F" over 30 times... :wtf: And he just goes on... and on...and on.....

    I mean, good god, it's not like this scene he was shooting was the closing scene to Schindler's List or something like that-- it's one installment of the MANY Terminator movies... IMO not exactly "epic cinema" :rolleyes:
  15. The other thing that bothers me is this: This guy is getting paid MILLIONS for this film during a time when people are out of work and hurting financially and he behaves just nasty as hell. The more I think about this, the more disgusted I am-- there are actors that would kill for that job and would be nice to the people around them. I guess this probably happens all the time in the entertainment biz but this time someone was just recording it.