*activeendeavors Kooba Sale*

  1. I know I should post this in 'Authentic Kooba finds' but I thought since it was a little slow I would post where more people would see!
    They have Stella, Cassandra, Julee, Devin (suede) and Jennifer. Plus other brands and use code 'apologies' for 25% off. Post if you get anything!!!! :wlae:
  2. I saw the Devin. I thought about the Botkier Bianca while they still had it, but the shape doesn't do it for me... The Devin is tempting though. I wish it wasn't suede though. It comes to $201 w/ the discount, which is a great price though. I'm thinking!
  3. I know! I just don't know if I can do suede...I can't seem to get off that sale page....ALmost got a Hayden Harnett but then I think it's sold out if you can't put in the quantity? Or color? Too many bags to choose from.
  4. ^ yeah, I think you are right about the sold out thing. There are a lot of good deals there and on Shopbop

    A Giorgio Brato bag at Shopbop has been tempting me... I have e-bayed off almost all my bags and no longer have a black bag. There is a great looking bag marked down to $370ish that was orig. just shy of $800. I liked it when it was full price even... but I've been trying to be good.
  5. That Kooba Jennifer for $242 is REALLY tempting......I just bought the Layla for 266 and thought I got a good deal....wow great finds POSk =)

  6. I looked all over and tonight there isn't much left. I wanted a Layla and all they had was a Jennifer.
  7. Got the Jennifer! :yahoo: Exactly what I've been looking for, I will post pictures when she arrives!
  8. Hi everybody,

    I just bought my very first Kooba...excited doesn't even describe!! :nuts: Its the devin large bow in white and I've been eyeing it for sooo long. Got it for 201. Should be here mid week. I'll post pics when it gets here (Another first for me.....)
  9. ^ Congrats!
  10. I thought of you L when I saw the Jennifer! I noticed in Deals and Steals, I think, that you had snagged a Layla. How do you like it?

  11. There's a MAria Bonita bag too, Loop bag or soemthing. That Kooba Disco bag is on sale too. I wonder how long it will be there...That Brato bag is CUUTE.

  12. I LOVE it posk...I finally got around to posting pics under my"first Kooba purchase for 2008" thread......I haven't stopped using it since I got her. The leather is unreal and the "mouse ears" that everyone thought would be a distraction soften and become more relaxed with use. I am going to have this one for a long time. Thanks for asking. :tup: