Active endeavors...

  1. has a 20% off code!!

  2. "apologies" should work to give you 25% off

    If not, then 20% off is still great too! :smile:
  3. ^^^ thanks ashakes! I'm going to try that...
  4. ^ are those codes valid on sale items, too? *crossing fingers*
  5. azia, not sure as I have never tried it on sale items.

    I'm pretty sure it's on non-sale items, but you can always try.

    You're welcome ada!
  6. ^ okay, thanks anyways! :biggrin:
  7. "apologies" works for both sale and nonsale items. Atleast thats what it said in the email I got from them, after htey canceled an item on me :p
  8. Their customer service page about sales, promotions and discounts states that discount codes cannot be applied to sale items, but it also stipulates that should there be a blip in their checkout process or if you buy both regular and sale merchandise and the extra discount gets taken off of sale items that they will honor the lesser price. So, you have nothing to lose by trying!
  9. Great to know--thanks everybody!!
  10. sorry25 works for 25% off, too. i'm not sure if that's anywhere else so i thought I would throw it out there.
  11. when do you enter the code? it doesn't give you the option o entering it before you get to the payment page?
  12. how long do these codes last and where do you find them?
  13. apologies worked for me on a pair of sale jeans last week.
  14. Try JESSICASTYLE for 20%
  15. You can find codes on touties and gretchens closet. They have a lengthy list of codes and stores. Happy shopping!