Active Endeavors - Up To 70% Off Clearance!!!!!!

  1. bagachondriac, you rock! You're always first to post new deals. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks....and you are so welcome! Happy Valentine's Day!!
  3. i was just about to give you that same compliment bagachondriac! you are really awesome!
  4. Use coupon code "reco10" for an additional 10% off (works on sale items too!) :tup:
  5. Just ordered two dresses. Nervous about the store credit only policy but I buy enough so I'll take the chance.
  6. use code "denim" to get an additional 20% off until Feb, 17!! works on all sale items, not just the denim!!
  7. Thanks for the post - I just got a few things, and thanks for the 20% code, I was bummed the apologies code doesn't work anymore, but the denim one worked fine :smile:
  8. Denim worked for me as well - no denim in my order:smile: Thank you for the code!!
  9. Thanks so much!! Also, I just wanted to point out that sale items are not returnable so make sure you purchase wisely!
  10. Awesome, thanks for the 20% code:tup: I cancelled my order this a.m. and reodered with this code instead of the 10% off one!
  11. Thank you so much! All of you. I just scored a Mike&Chris cardigan for $158!
  12. i just saved over $100. thank you for posting code. :smile:
  13. Will they keep the 20% credit on or take it off? There's a note on the side that says they can not apply discounts to sale items and will give you the lower price . . .
  14. I just spoke to customer service and she said that they are going to readjust for all those who used "denim" and didn't purchase denim - but to tell you the truth, I don't really believe her, I wonder if she was just trying to get me off the phone. I used the reco10 and she told me that reco10 wasn't supposed to work either but she didn't mention that they were going to adjust mine, only that she couldn't change my 10% off to 20% off .. even though, I called within an hour of purchase!?!? ...

    oh well though, I still think that I scored on my stuff. It really is a great sale. :girlsigh: