ACTIVE ENDEAVORS to Open its 1st Outlet Store!

  1. I just read in the Feb issue of Lucky Magazine (the Chicago edition) that Active Endeavors is converting its Evantson location to a full-time outlet store! I wonder if the items available at that location will also be available online?? The transformation is supposed to take place sometime in February.

    For those of you who may live in the area - it will be located at:
    901 Church Street, Evanston
    (847) 869-7070
  2. I wish they would have better selection of clothing and accessories in the outlet. I have their store credit for almost two years and haven't been able to find anything I like to spend it.
  3. awesome! thanks!
  4. Yay! This is great news for me...don't live too far away!
  5. wow - wish they had one is SoCal
  6. Weird! The one in Evanston used to be an outlet store, then they changed it to the regular store, now they're changing it back?
    Strange, but awesome!!!