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  1. says the 20% off coupon is for non-sale items. Has anyone tried to use it?
  2. I used it yesterday on two sale tops and it worked (it said no sale items then also but I tried it anyway and it worked) :smile:
  3. oh yay!! I just got a white Gryson woven skye for $373.50! I broke my bag ban - but what a deal! Oh by the way, I used code 'apologies' to get 25% off.
  4. Sweet, thanks for the heads up! I've been wanting a woven skye for a while.. I think I'll probably go for the natural since I have a white skye already.
  5. anyone know if the coupon codes work on sale items, too? just want to make sure i don't get charged back later on. thanks!!!
  6. Yup.."apologies" works on sale items. I am debating this Hayden Harnett handbag, does anyone have it or want to offer opinions, esp on bag weight and leather quality/ durability? I currently have a Mimi en route and have not yet seen an HH in real life
  8. I don't know how i feel abt that color. They have a lot of Kooba bags that i thought were cuter... but my opinion:flowers:
  12. yeah, the coupon code did go through on mine, too, but i didnt want to get charged back later on (especially since they have that one section you have to check about agreeing to their policies, etc). just wondering if people have done it last week or the week before or less recently than today (when their sale started). thanks gals!!