Active endeavors not good customer service ugh!

  1. I ordered jeans over 2 weeks. ago. I start to wonder were they are?! I go on account info and see they have been cancelled. Call customer service and they state despite fact that jeans were in my shopping bag etc they were sold out! They claim they sent out an email but then weirdly state their emails don’t get classified as junk they just don’t get delivered even though she claims that it was sent out! Yea right! What kind of nonsense is this! They say they can’t alwys know what’s in their inventory - that really cheesy! Also I could have ordered them from somewhere else 2 weeks ago but now my size is sold out everywhere! Really uncool!
  2. This doesn't belong in the Deals & Steals forum. You should post it in the General Discussion sub-forum or the The Wardrobe sub-forum.
  3. Sorry to hear that. I just got my cancellation email from Neimans this morning for something I ordered on Fri :sad:
  4. Yes, it belongs here as i used my 20% off coupon for the jeans and now its been wasted!