Active Endeavors has some new color Koobas

  1. sweet good looks lexie you are so on the kooba ball :smile:
  2. Oh no! I wish I hadn't seen this thread! An Elisha in white.. it's sooo nice. No no, I should be on a purse ban.
  3. haha baby K this must be killing you every time you turn around something else to fall inlovee with and want to buy!!! :smile:
    ps thanks for the comments on my kitties, we just lost our dog and i know what you mean its the worst thing to imagine!
  4. I think we know why they don't do the Big Blast thing all at once and show all the New Koobas. If they showed them all we'd be forced to pick one or two (unless we were independantly wealthy). So they show us a few....we buy us a couple more....we are so us a few more....and then we can't stand it anymore and buy another. By the end of Summer we will have 5 or 6.

    Who likes the Paige in Ivory? Not I ! I can see that getting dirty in a second. And it looks so stark.
  5. True. I wonder if the Large Devin will be out in any other colors besides blond? Hopefully the red color?

    LOVE the Natasha in ink blue too, cute! And I have decided that the Paige really does look like a tarantula spider. I can't buy it now, LOL.
  6. Acckkk!! I have to exercise self-control. That's a task. :shame:

    Let me ask y'all a question... I just ordered the Paige in khaki and having bought it sight unseen, I'm wondering if the "khaki" is a brownish khaki or a taupe khaki? I'm hoping it's more brown but will be OK if it's not.

    What should I expect? And yes, I think it looks like a tarantula too, but I'm getting it anyway. :p

    I'm getting the Elisha in red later this spring or in early summer. From all the pics I've seen online it looks like a brick-red, but I'm not going to take any chances. I'm going over to Saks to have a look at it in person and feel it up! :yes:
  7. I think the Elisha is red is calling my name. :love:

  8. Still that one on eBay for 395! That is a steal for a new bag.
  9. No, no, Paige in cream is not acceptable. Why not come out in a beautiful butter or eggplant?

    Whenever you actually get to FEEL one of the new bags, let us know what the leather is like. I called my local Saks, no new bags as of yet.