Active Endeavors, any new discount codes?

  1. Does anyone have any great discount codes for Active Endeavors? I am dying for the Botkier Sophie bag? :smile:
  2. "APOLOGIES" worked for me for 25% off. If that doesn't work, Shopbop has the Small Sophie in several colors and the large in, I think, red. They have 20% off right now with the code "ARMCANDY."
  3. "toutie" should be 20% off
  4. I just used the code "sorry25" to buy a Botkier Bianca satchel!
  5. Hautecakes, how much did you get as a discount--was it 25 percent? Thanks.
  6. I got my small botkier sophie satchel for 25% off with "apologies". Definitely worth it!
  7. But I don't think apologies is working anymore, per recent posts.
  8. I just received this email this morning....

    20% Off Through Midnight CST October 31st Code: fall
  9. here are all the active endeavors codes if sorry25 or apologies for 25% off don't work:

    20% off - grechen
    20% off - reesy
    20% off - toutie
    20% off - hive20
    20% off - celebstyle
    20% off - shopdiary20
    20% off - fall (10/31)
  10. Apologies worked for my Botkier purse today!
  11. Thanks all!