Active Endeavors 30% Off New Spring Koobas!

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  1. Active Endeavors has 30% off regular price Koobas, including:

    Jacinda (stone and black)
    Elisha (black)
    Devin (yellow)
    Callie (grass)
    Talia (black)

    Use the coupon code NOPRANK when you check out — but hurry —it expires on April 6th.
  2. Thanks for posting. I wish they had the blue Elisha in stock. I think I'd be very tempted then.
  3. Thanks for posting! I have been dying for my first kooba and I caved in and bought one with this code! I bought the yellow Devin! I will post pics when I get it! I am so excited! Thanks again!!

  4. Thanks for posting - but they do not have my dream bag unfortunately :crybaby::s- Mattie in black. Only NM and Shopbop seem to have it. Does anyone by anychance know any discount codes for those 2 stores ?:heart::love:

  5. Elizat - looks like they have the blue in stock again. Hope you get it!:tup:
  6. If anyone is looking at any of the Koobas at Active Endeavor (including the blue Elisha, Elizat!) the code for 30% off has expired. However, you can use the code "REGRETS" for 25% off!
  7. I just got an email that said they've extended the 30% "NOPRANK" until April 30th!
  8. Great! Even better!!! Thanks, skannystyle!