Active Endeavors - 20% Off Online Orders ( New Code)

  1. Actually, I just used (5 minutes ago) code 'apologies' and got 25% off! It worked!!!!

  2. Boy,.it really pays to research the codes before making a purchase doesn't it!! Thanks for the info luvinmybags.
  3. OMG! :wtf: Does that work on sale items, too?!

  4. I don't know if it works on sale items. What I bought wasn't on sale. But you can always try it and see. You don't have to complete the checkout if it doesn't.
  5. It works on sale items :smile: Just used it to buy two tops!
  6. so what they were apologizing for, for so long, that code has been around for maybe 4 months now?
  7. they emailed me that code when what I ordered was OOS (three times, actually)

    i don't mind that they're still apologizing, though!